GOP Likely To Pick Up Another House Seat

Gateway Pundit:

It is January 30th and we still have an undecided House election.

Of course, it’s “undecided” because the Republican is leading.

Republican Candidate Claudia Tenney’s lead in New York has grown to 122 votes. more

13 Comments on GOP Likely To Pick Up Another House Seat

  1. I’m guessing Dominion isn’t involved, otherwise this would have been called already.

  2. I know little about her and just having REPUBLICAN beside your name means little to nothing anymore.
    If R means McConnell R then she can kiss my ass. The traitors are way too hard to get rid of now without sending them reinforcements.

  3. Republican and Democrat are useless terms and it makes little difference what their respective numbers are.

    Leftist, Liberal, and Conservative are the only meaningful terms to refer to them, what are their respective numbers?

    (Liberals are those to the right of Karl Marx and Leftists are the ones to the Left of him. Conservatives are those to the right of Liberals.)

  4. Since DildoCrat = UniParty = Repubelitard, who cares any more?

  5. Will this help stop the growing “Gulag America” effort by those who have stolen elections and the very self-evident truth we supposedly hold dear?

    Look around – we’re only a few step away from becoming Venezuela (I say them because this gang isn’t competent enough to be Russia, China, or even Cuba.

    We all obsolete and the election was stolen.

  6. Why?
    What’s the point?

    The election was stolen.
    China Virus didn’t kill Epstein.
    Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    If the Republicans had it all, they’d swoon like some 19th century, 35-year-old virgin hearing the word “crud” said aloud.
    FFS they did absolutely NOTHING when given the chance.

    We need to take it back. And exclude ALL traitors.

    izlamo delenda est …


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