GOP urges Congress to investigate whistleblower claims of child trafficking under Biden – IOTW Report

GOP urges Congress to investigate whistleblower claims of child trafficking under Biden


In response to a video released in late November by Project Veritas, three US Senators penned a letter to Sen. Gary Peters, chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs demanding that the committee hold a hearing into whistleblower allegations of child trafficking.

“We write in response to recently reported claims by federal employee whistleblower that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is knowingly transferring unaccompanied migrant children in the custody of criminals, including sex traffickers,” the letter from Senators Ron Johnson, Rick Scott, and Josh Hawley began. MORE

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  1. I keep on having this strange dream:

    I call the RNC on the phone – they put me on hold – and the background music begins playing selected “inspirational” quotes from the biography of Benedict Arnold. When somebody does answer it’s Mitch McConnell’s Chinese wife.

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  3. I realize that the Democrats have completed the Coup and while Conservatives attempt to stomp out a thousand fires burning the structure of the Republic, the noble words of the Constitution and the Rule of Law, a great evil this way comes. Expect the Democrats to, over the next 19 months, pick the next Conservative Presidential candidate, destroy and burn down every Trump achievement and imprison/impoverish the family, prosecute into oblivion several thousand Americans who supported Conservatism, control our information and thereby thoughts, push through the five year plan that will overcome capitalism and freedom, openly redistribute wealth from the middle class through massive reparations, fan the evil fire of racism and mock Christianity and its followers to the point of mass killings without justice… meanwhile, Republicans will be holding hearings that will whither from discoveries and proofs of corruption to phrases on fliers and tweets trying to raise money for the next pre determined election…we have passed the point where civilized Democrats exist and soon the Left and Democrats will recognize that they have absolute Power…

  4. Sure hope they (the investigators) take a good hard close look at charloote and the chambers of commerce and rental cubes racket set up within school zones to shuffle big blocks of units through social setups for government paid for travel and expenses and food and phones with paid for plans, and of course, do not forget the fees. Lots and Lots of Fees passing through Bankstops of deposits on their way to whatever destination nation-wide across State lines that need large blocks of disposable units for heavy block lifting work.

    Charlatans of Cash over Carolina country crossings roads.

  5. JOE BIDEN AND HIS ACCOMPLICES have long-since engineered the child-teen-women sex slave trafficking which is why he’s making a lot of gurgling noises to drown out his multitudes of criminal activities. There are numerous whistleblowing reports from border intruders who were held in sex slave bondage under the commands of the dusgustingly filthy JOE BIDEN. Anyone notice that JOE BIDEN has NOT denounced the slave labor in RED CHINA with forced laborers of women and children also being used as sex tools for the depraved.

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