linds graham tear

He’s super angry, you guys!

Breitbart- On Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) insisted Dr. Ben Carson apologize for saying a Muslim should not be president of the Untied States.

Graham said, “During the second election of  Karzai, I had an opportunity to go to a polling station during the election with military members in charge of security. One was a young man who grew up in Kabul, went to this particular high school. He came to America. He was a member of the United States Army. He was so proud of what happened in Afghanistan. He was proud to wear the uniform. I had a cup of coffee with him, and, yes, one day, I hope that young man could grow up to be president of the United States.”  more

SNIP: There’s video. You can watch Miss Lindsey lisp his condemnation of Carson there.


  1. what’s really amazing here is that grahmnasty was recently re- elected to office.

    the politicians have no fear of the voters.

    that is not a good situation to be in for the voters.

  2. Carson stated what anyone truly
    concerned for the Republic thinks.
    Muslim or not, BO is a self-avowed
    sympathizer and look at the mess he
    is purposely making.
    It is a political movement as much as
    it is a religion and its practicioners
    have no more place in the WH
    than would Marx or Lenin.

  3. I wonder if South Carolina voters realize now what fools they have been electing this homosexual child predator. He should be removed from office.

    Nikkei Halli and Grahanm are destroying that state.

  4. Lindsay take out his red ball long enough to attack Ben? McStain says, “Put that back in your mouth boy and take the whippin’!”

    Apologies for the visual. ?

    I hear there are a couple of goats
    you could take the place of,
    they need a break in “action”….


    Actually, I *love* it that the GOPe pinheads are being SO incredibly stupid (another example:; it really helps more and more Americans see what these people ARE.

  6. Incredible! That candy assed, conniving, whining, obama complicit, jackass just can’t shut his stupid freaking mouth. I hate hearing him as much as obama; screeches on a blackboard are musical in comparison!

  7. Find your Inner Trump, Doc, and double down. Tell Whingey Graham that a muslim should be president of any country, as their track record of governance is one of complete and utter failure around the world. Then tell him he is welcome to apologize on your behalf to muslims if he thinks it will help him in the polls.

  8. Graham is (unfortunately) my Senator. Dr. Carson should have replied with “Senator, when YOU apologize for voting to confirm Holder, Sotomayor, Kagan and Lynch (among others), I MIGHT consider it.” The people of SC ended up with Graham again because the Republican party backed Graham, just as the national RNC is backing Yeb Booosh. 75% of SC residents polled said Graham should drop his failed effort as a presidential candidate. It all goes back to the “splitter” theory offered over at

  9. The Carolinas are being stolen from its people. Little by little your political officials are betraying you to the muslime and black criminals. It’s very sad to see. Tennessee is the worst but NC and SC are finished too. It’s bizarre how SC can have a guy like Trey Gowdy at the same time it’s people keep electing a homosexual pedophile. That’s why so many people are choosing Florida over SC and NC. If you are going to get purple you might as well get the year round weather. NC and SC no longer offer a red state environment.

  10. If an apology is needed, it’s for missing the opportunity to add: “I know it’s too late for this Moslem, but let’s promise to never elect another one.” 😉

  11. DAC is one of the most under recognized, under appreciated, and under decorated song writers in American country music.

  12. Lindsey Graham needs to drop out of the race. Also he should come clean on his incestuous relationship with his sister

  13. Hang on a minute there gentle giant, Now Dick Burr and Ol’ Guvvy-Mac might have turned out to be a bit more RINOistic than we originally figured they would be… well ok, to be honest Burr has been such a complete disappointment that he has drawn observations noting that, “We might as well have kept DunceCunt, Lyin-ass Kay Hey ‘gain” (that stupid #$%*ing bitch)… BUTT, he ain’t no Licksey Cramm! And if you think we are rolling over and taking anything up the goat hole, apparently you get different info than what I see and hear down here in the trenches! (at least as far as the resistance to Pisslamists and their dhimmpathizers! Now, as far as having a project-load of worthless Obamasons running around being themselves, well that ain’t nothing new. We’ve always had a shitload of “Govt. Dependents” and a handful of “Rev. Soulglow the Buffet Slayer’s” to community agitate them for the cameras… but NC keeps a constant flow of potent yet cheap enough weed to keep them from actually caring about anything enough to stray far from da crib…

    Gee, I hope that didn’t come across as raycissist!

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