Grand jury votes to indict Trump – IOTW Report

Grand jury votes to indict Trump

Trump has not yet been arrested but he will face arraignment on the charges, be fingerprinted, and may be handcuffed.

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  1. Trump can bring ALL of this to a stop, at will. I’m uncertain as to why he is stalling. If he truly “has it all” release the Epstein names and stand back, the problem will fix itself.


    h/t Billy Clinton

  3. For what, jaywalking? The Uniparty has masterfully made it impossible for either DeSantis or Trump to get a nomination without a guaranteed loss thanks to all the buffoons who fall for these scams every single time.

  4. Unfortunately now Trump wins republican primary, and loses the general election to any piece of moss the Dems run, because independents won’t vote for him. I hope I’m wrong.

  5. Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. I don’t play one on TV.

    So, help me out here.

    Ham sandwiches aside, since when are grand juries seated for misdemeanor charges?

  6. “Please, Governor Desantis, block extradition.”

    Sorry, he can’t do it, Interstate extradition is required by Article 4, Section 2 of the US Constitution.

    He can avoid handcuffs if he voluntarily surrenders himself. He will be fingerprinted and mugshoted before he appears in front of a judge, then be released on his own recognizance.

    It is fun to speculate on what he would do if he could, but I see no upshot. The MAGA faithful will still call him a disloyal pussy no matter what he does, and why would do anything to smooth Trump’s path with all the vitriol and name-calling emanating from him.

  7. Oh don’t worry about 2024. There is no election possible with the machines anyway. People are busy taking them out in the meantime. But also busy removing “other things.”

    Don’t get mad, get busy.
    This is gonna be so much fucking fun!

  8. Give it a rest with the DeSantis shit, please.


    People, there is NO 2024 until you get a hold of your state/local legislators and remove those machines.
    Florida still has them, too, OK? There is NO saint in Florida’s gov. nor any other state.

    Get to work and stop all the arguing.
    It’s not helping. AT ALL.

    Go help your state, or you’ll get gavin newsom. Is that what you want?
    Because this is how you get gavin newsom.

  9. There are a few things RDS could do to delay the process. The order of extradition will first go to the Florida governor’s desk. He could send it back as incomplete, he could have his own legal affairs folks look at it to see if it passes muster and have them submit a report. But ultimately he has 60 days to sign off on the indictment.

    Florida Republicans hate New York liberals and there will be a hue and cry for RDS to publicly take a stand on this issue.

  10. There’s no reason for Trump to have it delayed. He’s already stated he was going to have them cuff him. And why the F not. We’re Venezuela now. Show it for what it is. Let’s see how people react.

  11. OT, just read that Jacob Chansley, the Qnon Shaman, has been released from jail. It was Tucker’s J6 footage that greased the wheels;

    ht tps://

  12. Is anybody leaning their elbow on McCarthy’s neck for the rest of the videos? I mean damn, I posted addresses, phone numbers and shit.

    OK well, I’m off to my next job.
    The only thing resting on me is my bitch face. LOL

    Have a good night.

  13. Brad March 30, 2023 at 6:29 pm

    “Please, Governor Desantis, block extradition.”

    It would be pointless anyway if Trump plans on campaigning.

    I agree with MJA stop wit6h the DeSantis stuff. No way in hell would DeSantis get Trump off the hook, or even getting involved. That would be one big ass mistake on DeSantis. I can’t say whether justice will prevail, Trump will always get the poop end of the stick and some of it he doled out, and it’s coming back to him. Not even sure if they can hunmilate the man.

  14. The left is relentlessly stupid. Their TDS just handed Pres.Trump the GOP Presidential nomination on a platter. Pres. Trump as a political prisoner only makes him more appealing.

    The 2024 Presidential election will be the real issue. ChatGPT AI may already be programmed into blue state voting machines by the left. This needs to be somehow dealt with right now.

    Buckle up Buttercups. The left play for keeps – so should conservatives.
    The cheating by the left will not stop until they are forced to end their crimminal assault on our electoral process.

  15. A day at an ocean beach, beautiful.
    A ride in a hot-air balloon. wonderful.
    Trump doing the perp walk of shame, priceless.

    Oh the humanity of it, right…
    The teflon us starting to peel.

  16. This is only going to boost President Trump’s popularity 😁

    Still waiting on the raids for two other previous scumbag admins 🤔

    He still has my vote MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. FYI, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis CANNOT block extradition.

    Those asking, I have a question for you:
    Do you really want an ‘Elion Gonzolez’ type pic with DeSantis holding & shielding a young Trump in a closet while a FED points a rifle in his face?

    Do you really want “Ron to the rescue?”
    Sure Jan…

  18. DeSantis released a statement that he will not cooperate with Trump extradition. He doesn’t have too. The Feds would just come in & grab him. But this will never happen. Trump will turn himself in.

  19. rad March 30, 2023 at 7:10 pm


    Stop with the DeSantis stuff!!!!!!

    I haven’t even started yet. Don’t really care about the man really. I’m sitting back laughing at it all. Once you accept it’s over, it’will make it easier on you.

  20. Goldenfoxx

    You’ve got one of the worst cases of TDS I’ve ever seen. I’m done arguing here. I’m going to state just facts. Like we are now officially Venezuela. I’m glad yore happy about that.

  21. “I haven’t even started yet. Don’t really care about the man really. I’m sitting back laughing at it all. Once you accept it’s over, it’will make it easier on you.”

    I’m saving this post. LOL. To much fun.

  22. From Spitfire on Twitter:
    “To everyone saying “No one is above the law”…….

    All above the law:

    Barack Obama
    Hillary Clinton
    Bill Clinton
    Jeffrey Epstein
    Joe Biden
    Merrick Garland
    Eric Holder
    James Clapper
    John Brennan
    Alexander Vindman
    James Comey
    Dr. Fauci
    Peter Strzok
    Nancy Pelosi
    Hunter Biden

  23. Do you hear ’em?

    They’re singing!

    Play the stock market. Buy the shorts.

    The Fat Lady shorts.

    And sell everything you have. Be ready for the “you’ll own nothing and be happy” time! We’re going DIGITAL!! Be ready to turn-in your paper currency and your bank and retirement accounts for conversion! Simultaneously with that, your Social Credit Score will be created and merged with your regular, financial credit rating, your driver’s license, voter registration, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, EBT cards, all your credit cards, your social website history, military records, medical records, criminal records, thought records, school records, Alexa / Google / Siri voice records, ancestry data, genetic survey data, addresses, phone numbers, financial assets, real property, lists of personal property, all the data on your children and their children (if applicable), saved photos, Google photos, purchase records, travel records, passport, library card, bus card, parking permits, parking tickets, mass transit card and much, much more!

    Don’t fight it. Embrace it! The SUCK loves everyone equally! Yay!

    The FAT LADIES are here! Happy Days are here again! 🎵 🎶 🎶

  24. Glen Beck on Tucker nails it

    h tt ps://

    I’m not the biggest Glen Beck fan, but there have been times when he absolutely hits the ball out of the park and this is one of them.

  25. ^ I seriously doubt that anyone here is happy with “bust.”

    Ye of little faith that it would come down to one man to save your future, @mr_pinko. That’s pretty cynical.

    We’re in a world of shit but the chances of survival in some meaningful form is still good, imo.

    The real fight ain’t even started yet.

  26. “Trump 2024 or bust! Looks like some people are happy with “bust”.

    Lots of peeps with TDS here. Is Trump currently trying to rally an offense, or running for President. He’s said some provocative shit lately. Which I totally agree with.
    Has Trump figured out there’s no winning our country back by the ballot? Seems pretty obvious. What are the odds the 1% of MAGA peeps aren’t going to take this laying down? I’m thinking those are conservative odds. Fun Fun.

  27. Edward March 30, 2023 at 6:45 pm

    Voting machines are here to stay. Without them votes can not be tabulated in a timely fashion.
    That’s what MJA has been talking about over the last year or so. So have I.

    It’s time for all patriots to get involved in their local voting place.

    We need:

    -More polling places to handle less voters
    -ON THE DAY OF THE ELECTION (ONE day voting).
    -NO early voting,
    -absentee for sick, traveling or military only WITH PROOF,
    -Voter ID,
    -Proof of citizenship,
    -NO machines and
    -paper ballots they pick up as the enter the voting room with a serial number that the voter gets to be able to look it up to SEE how their vote counted and was not changed after they left.

    Impossible? NO! With smaller, more precincts, you can staff enough Rs & Ds (equal number) to verify accurate counting.

    You know what all that means? YOU will have to get off your lazy ass butts and be involved in:

    1) Changing your voting laws in your state, be one of the driving forces to make this happen (oh, but I just want to bitch and moan about all what’s wrong, not actually DO something! … like 1/2 of you who comment here).

    2) Actually volunteer your time to be a poll watcher/counter.

    3) Bring people with you to work this all out WITH YOU.

    Now you know that machines are not needed if there are smaller and more polling places, enough worker to count and report.

    Now shut up and DO IT!

    If you don’t, I don’t want to hear you whine that nothing gets done … because YOU aren’t doing it. Get it? You are the people you are complaining about.

    And don’t whine that you don’t have the time, you need to stay home and watch TV, you can’t do this or that. Just admit … you are the problem.

  28. As I watch all of this unfold, it makes me think of street magicians…you know, slight of hand practitioners. I think we should be watching what the other hand is doing.

    In other words, this indictment, while reprehensible on every visible plane, is nothing more than a shiny object on to which the zombified public can latch on. I think we need to focus more on what is being done in areas of which this has nothing to do and will never be reported by the MSM.

    Just an observation.

  29. The ‘Grand Jury’ has been threatened, bribed, and coerced. THAT’S how very afraid the undercover and covert race-hating Democrats are. ‘Uncle’ Alvin Bragg/Letitia James has long since been compromised with promises of a larger plantation to live on by the white supremacist Joe Biden.

  30. Lots more drama to come.

    This whole scene is pulling me back into the Trump Camp. Doesn’t matter what he did or didn’t do during his administration, he’s being railroaded. This will not pass.

    The indictment is a State of NY charge. If DeSantis refuses to extradite Trump to NY, what gives federal agents the right to go down to Florida and arrest him?

    Anybody know the legality of that? Please let us know?

  31. da-dindu, hang up some chucky cheese/kfc/waffle house signs in yo “court-room” when yo chimp-out “trial” starts up. then you & the rest of the judge/jury/prostitutor chimps can demonstrate your tnb in the proper setting. remember to twerk before standing for the pledge, asshole.

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