Grandpa Simpson thinks all Latinos are illegals. Nobody cares.


PatriotRetort: Wow. Talk about xenophobic.

The Grandpa Simpson of the 2016 election seems to think “Latino” is Spanish for illegals.

Oh, Grandpa.

That’s just Hate Speech!

Who said Donald Trump wants to deport Latinos?

Trump does want to deport criminal illegals.

And by the way, Grandpa, 75% of Americans support that.


Only a xenophobic old crank would assume that deporting criminal illegals means deporting the millions of Latinos living in the United States of America.

Millions of Latinos in the US are American citizens. Does Grandpa Simpson not comprehend that?

Earth to Bernie: “Latino” is not synonymous with “illegal alien.”

Just like “illegal alien” is not synonymous with “immigrant.”  MORE

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  1. Thus, Bernie the sellout just confirms that he’s just as racist as he thinks everyone else is. Trump wants to deport the ILLEGALS. Bernie obviously thinks all illegals are ONLY Mexicans.

    Big paintbrush there, Bernie.

    It’s kind of like when Obama tries to pardon Hillary for something she’s not guilty of. Kind of hard when the catch 22 works against you, right? If she isn’t guilty, why does she need a pardon?

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