Gross! Biden coughs into his hand, then uses it to shake hands with others

Kamala and Joe are both super-spreaders. Different meaning, of course.

WND: In the latest example of his bottomless hypocrisy and floundering mental acuity, President Joe Biden coughed into his hand and then recklessly shook hands with members of the public without wearing a mask on Monday.

The Democrat committed the unsanitary gaffe following a speech in Kearney, New Jersey, where he touted his $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan and his $3.5 trillion social welfare extravaganza, euphemistically cloaked as a “human infrastructure” bill.

Alarming videos show the supposedly COVID-conscious Biden — who turns 79 next month — mindlessly touching his mouth with his hand and then spreading his germs to attendees in the front row by shaking their hands, all while not wearing a mask. watch

12 Comments on Gross! Biden coughs into his hand, then uses it to shake hands with others

  1. I’m FAR more disgusted about all the children he raped.

  2. Resident F. Joe Biden is a super spreader extraordinaire. The CCP puppet masters must piss themselves with laughter.

  3. why doesn’t he use a handkerchief?
    uncivilized putz.

    Let me just drop this here FWIW: His wife was murdered and the daughter too after the wife found out FJB sexually abused his own daughter. Not to mention the well known fact he brought the girl into the shower with him. The wife was going to go public, FJB had to protect his political career.


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