GRU Spearphishing Emails Fooled Democrats, Clinton Campaign in 2016 – IOTW Report

GRU Spearphishing Emails Fooled Democrats, Clinton Campaign in 2016


WFB: Russia’s GRU military intelligence service used fraudulent emails to gain access to large amounts of sensitive emails and documents that were then disseminated via covert GRU websites during the 2016 presidential election campaign influence operation, according to the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Two GRU intelligence units worked together in the spring of 2016 to first identify email servers for Democratic staff member Gmail accounts, and then a special cyber unit sent spearphishing emails that produced the implantation of special software inside Democratic computer networks.

The Mueller report provided new details of the cyber attacks carried out by two numbered GRU groups: Military Unit 74455, in charge of influence and disinformation operations, and Military Unit 26165, the main cyberattack group.

“The GRU spearphishing operation enabled it to gain access to numerous email accounts of Clinton campaign employees and volunteers, including campaign chairman John Podesta, junior volunteers assigned to the Clinton campaign’s advance team, informal [Hillary] Clinton campaign advisors, and a DNC employee,” the report said.

“GRU officers stole tens of thousands of emails from spearphishing victims, including various Clinton campaign-related communications.”  more here

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  1. Every conservative knows Hillary’s emails were compromised or up for sale. The Russians and the Chinese have all 30,000 and are chuckling to themselves about how easy it was to get them. If anyone in the FBI, CIA, or other alphabet soup agency rolls over on her they can expect to be ‘Clintoned’ quickly.

  2. I wonder what those spearfishing campaigns used as bait? I mean, “numerous accounts”!

    Doesn’t anybody in the Democrat party know not to click on links in emails unless you’ve verified links?

    I would love to know what the GRU used for clickbait. Was it porno? Was it offers of dirt on Trump? Was it money for nothing?

  3. Did the DNC have the same low level unsecured email server type of system as Hillary kept??? If so then just about anyone could have gotten into the system. So who else got into the emails?? Why don’t I trust these news stories any more?

  4. Well, that settles it Seth Rich didn’t steal the Clinton Campaign e-mails and wasn’t killed for it.
    Comey and Hillary’s good friend (Mueller) and all the Democrat Attorneys said so.
    Now the Rich family can pursue the big bucks in court. Big payoff for the family.
    No I don’t trust Mueller.

  5. “The report said WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange wanted to prevent Clinton from winning over concerns she would be unfettered from media and political opposition to “start wars.””

    Damn right

  6. So the GRU copied the Democrats e-mails. And then used the names to create thousands of fake allegations (*cough* Trump *cough*). To make Hillary and Friends™ look bad. It was all lies?

    Because I seem to recall being told that what turned Americans, at least those who don’t support pedophilia, against Hillary and Friends™ was the content of the messages. Not that they weren’t able to keep them hidden.

  7. Ohforgodsake.

    The Russians… the Chinese… the North Koreans… the Iranians… the Nigerians… the scam farms offshore in the Islands… countries, entities, individuals…

    This is all red (no pun intended) herring.


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