Guess who won the election in Venezuela?


Dangerous-  – – Landslide Victory for Death and Famine in Venezuelan Election.

A jubilant Nicolas Maduro addressed a crowd of svelte supporters outside the presidential palace in Caracas late Sunday evening, inviting his defeated opposition to join him in dialogue.

The Venezuelan socialist leader was re-elected to a second six-year term in a landslide victory, gathering 68% of the votes and beating his nearest challenger, Henri Falcon, by more than 40 points.

Before the end of voting, Falcon rejected the election as illegitimate and called for a new vote. More

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  1. Why bother with the charade of an election? He’s a carbon copy of the last thug in power and he won’t give up that position regardless of how many lives it cost. This is pure leftist thinking, the thuggish grab of power and control at any cost in human suffering. He must have throngs of envious admirer’s here in the states.

  2. It was not close from the get-go. No money was wagered on this election. Enough said.

  3. I understand a team from the DNC has been dispatched there to study Maduro’s methods in hopes of repeating his success here in 2020.

  4. Socialism!
    Predictable as wet follows water.
    A dis-armed population is a subject population.
    Look to Venezuela and Zimbabwe and see the future the Demonrats want for us.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Well, at least we don’t have corruption and election meddling by the government operatives in this country.

    Or. They’re not good at it. Yet.

  6. Those who clamor for socialism here should take note. Once they no longer need to buy your vote, the gravy train derails.

  7. I see MJA has a little shop there. Maybe she can tell us what used to be on those now empty shelves.

  8. I will defend Socialism / Communism to the last drop of your blood! – Bernie “3 Mansions” Sanders.

    To the lib troll – Yeah Bernie did not say this… least publicly.

  9. Of course socialism can work. They just haven’t killed the right people yet. But they will, they just have to kill everyone else first.


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