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Guess who’s defending FTX’s Bankman-Fried?

by WorldTribune Staff

He was able to get out on $250 million bail despite claiming to have less than $100,000 to his name, so it is not surprising that disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried has been able to retain a team of high-powered lawyers.

In his criminal case before the Southern District of York (SDNY), SBF has hired Mark Cohen and Christian Everdell, both from Cohen & Gressler LLP, to represent him, the Marco Polo investigative group reported on Jan. 7.

Cohen represented sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell. He is also the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) “diversity monitor” who billed New York taxpayers $10 million over four years.

Everdell was a prosecutor in the case that took down Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

The Marco Polo group’s report noted: “While SBF’s criminal case has generated the most headlines, Marco Polo noticed a familial connection between one of the entities suing SBF on the civil side — the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) — and Everdell. Indeed, Everdell’s wife (Ann Marie Preissler) is a ‘Senior Counsel’ in the NY office of the SEC, the very office suing SBF.” more

4 Comments on Guess who’s defending FTX’s Bankman-Fried?

  1. Guess what else . . .
    Guess what Turd (Karl Rove) was on FOX News
    Defending Joe Biden and ‘few’ claasified docs

    Yup, Karl Rove was downplaying Bidens Garage Business
    Dana Perino Too
    With Geraldo

    Don’t You See Now?

  2. It’s possible the Biden document issue is a nothingburger.
    But it’s also possible that these particular documents were very important and shared with our enemies.
    Also note President Trump’s document issue definitely appears to be a nothingburger, but the Democrats sure hyped it up to the point where they would probably be seeking criminal charges (until Biden was caught).
    For Rove and Perino to try to minimize Biden’s issue is to turn down the heat before the truth is revealed. No.

  3. Mr. Anth Ropy
    JANUARY 13, 2023 AT 8:28 AM

    “But it’s also possible that these particular documents were very important and shared with our enemies.”

    EVERY document is shared with our enemies.

    Because Democrats are our enemies.

    They say so themselves.

    That’s one thing you can believe them about.

  4. Those documents were likely planted by sotero operatives in order to shake the turd that is Obiden out of the pant-leg of the communists. If Faux News’ pundits are downplaying the situation, they clearly haven’t been read into the operation, as first and foremost their purpose is to promote and defend the left as quietly and surreptitiously as practical. If The Great Deluded Masses can be simultaneously convinced that the FBI and DOJ are really not biased and continually perverting justice, then all the better. Whatever is going on in DC is an op, not a free flowing and unfettered course of events.


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