Gun Violence Skyrocketed at Black Colleges during the Obama Administration

American Thinker- By Eric Laurine:

In the 36 years before then-senator Barack Obama promised “Change We Can Believe In” during his 2008 presidential campaign, won the presidency, and made history by becoming America’s first black president, shootings at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) were infrequent and rare events.  During that time, 13 shootings occurred at HBCUs, killing four students and injuring another 12 victims, 11 being students.

While change did occur during the Obama presidency, it wasn’t hopeful change we can (or even should) believe in.  Empirical data of shootings at HBCUs, available at, have uncovered that during the eight years of the Obama administration, shootings at HBCUs surged 430% (in roughly 28 less years) to 56 shootings, with gunfire killing 12 and injuring 66 more.  Ten of the 12 victims (83%) killed during the Obama presidency were students, as were 39 (59%) of the injured.

The chart below shows that during President Obama’s eight-year reign as commander-in-chief, gun deaths at HBCUs spiked 300%, and gun injuries went up by 550% from the previous 36 years. more

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  3. Obama empowered his people to do exactly what they want to do and what they are good at. Not sayin’ nothin’, just sayin’

  4. “Historically Black Colleges and Universities?”
    Are there any
    “Historically White Colleges and Universities?”
    “Historically Spic Colleges and Universities?”
    “Historically Slant Colleges and Universities?”
    (we’re all pretty much aware that moslems eschew “education”)

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  5. Gee Wally, looks like Hood Family Values are on display.

    I dunno Beave, I think it’s more “monkey see, monkey do” than anything else!

  6. flip
    JANUARY 17, 2020 AT 11:21 AM

    “Who are the members of the Congressional White Caucus?”

    …graduated recipients of the “United Caucasian Scolarship Fund”?

  7. TN Tuxedo
    JANUARY 17, 2020 AT 6:04 AM
    “I was really hoping not to hear this guy’s name again.”

    …that’s OK, it’s not his name anyway. His namebis Barry Soetoro, he never had it LEGALLY changed to “Barack Obama”, so everthing he did under that name is a lie, starting with his Oath and continuing to today…


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