Haiti cancels elections indefinitely amid violence – IOTW Report

Haiti cancels elections indefinitely amid violence

haiti elections canceled

FT: Haiti has cancelled a presidential runoff scheduled for Sunday amid widespread allegations of fraud, a refusal by the main opposition candidate to participate in the ballot, and after protesters attacked electoral offices.

The election in one of the world’s poorest countries is now put on hold indefinitely after Pierre-Louis Opont, head of the Provisional Electoral Council, said he could not guarantee the safety of the poll workers or the country’s 5.8m registered voters.  MORE

19 Comments on Haiti cancels elections indefinitely amid violence

  1. BILLIONS of dollars of aid and support and these Democratic infested cesspool is still a 3rd world country at best…welcome to our future under Killary!

  2. What a shame….
    But since I don’t live there, I could care less…..

  3. That island is a stark example of the ruinous, corrosive effect of welfare and leftist government.
    A quick comparison between Haiti and the Dominican Republic show the fallacy of giving any kind of aid other than limited short term aid after a disaster.
    What our government, through foreign aid, has done to Haiti and much of Africa is a crime of monstrous proportions.

  4. I suspect you couldn’t care less.

    But maybe I’m wrong and you do care enough to be able to care less.

  5. Soooo … after “Papa Doc” and “Baby Doc” which turd is gonna rise to the top this time?

    I nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, and Mike “the Nazi” Bloomberg.

    Haiti can have Weiner and Bush, too.
    And Rubio.
    And Kasich.
    And those other Lilliputians.

  6. I can see this happening in the US next fall as a “false flag” disaster, and elections suspended indefinitely.
    Got preps?

  7. That was my first thought – with the BLM movement and letting terrorists in willy-nilly.

  8. You mean those billions in pledged aid didn’t collectively raise the IQ?

  9. Now THERE’s a non-sequitur oxymoron; “collectively” and “IQ”.

  10. The closest example I can think of is “a camel is a horse designed by a committee”.

  11. Elections may be suspended, but Obama’s term ends at noon on the 20th of January 2017, or there WILL be trouble.

  12. @crazyeighter

    That is a fact many seem to not get. There is no mechanism to allow for that scenario.

    It’s Breakdown in America time if he tries anything like that.

    And I would vehemently shame any of the people in service – especially the Marines guarding him – that don’t keep their oath to protect the Constitution. They have a duty to arrest him and any of his cronies still around trying to run things when their appointed time is up.

  13. Correct. The Constitution merely says when the President’s term ends, but doesn’t say anything about having a replacement President in place to take over.

    I’m glad I’m an old retired Sailor, not mid-grade, mid-career officer or enlisted right now.

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