Hajj death toll tops 1,000 after extreme heat: AFP tally – IOTW Report

Hajj death toll tops 1,000 after extreme heat: AFP tally


The death toll from this year’s hajj has exceeded 1,000, an AFP tally said Thursday, more than half unregistered worshippers who performed the pilgrimage in extreme heat in Saudi Arabia.

The new deaths reported Thursday included 58 from Egypt, according to an Arab diplomat who provided a breakdown showing that of 658 Egyptians who died, 630 were unregistered pilgrims.

Around 10 countries have reported 1,081 deaths during the pilgrimage, one of the five pillars of Islam which all Muslims with the means must complete at least once. more

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  1. I don’t want to think about what a couple of million mohammadmen in packed crowds under 125° heat must smell like. Maybe the corpses help a little.

  2. @even steven — LOL! Yeah, in this case the seven three stages of grief are

    1. ShockDenialGuiltSadnessAngerAcceptanceHope
    2. Beer
    3. Pork rinds

    …or is it pork rinds and THEN beer?

  3. I work in an extremely unairconditioned factory in the Midwest where its been 100+ with humidity you could swim through, along with hundreds of other people who are actually doing something useful.

    My heart pumps purple piss for you nacent jihadis.

    Quit worshiping satan,

    Get a job.

  4. …also, in Congo, Congolese Christans didnt have the opportunty to complain about Global Warming as they succumed to Global Jihad instead…


    …Lets review. Muslims die from being inadequately prepared to take a completely voulintary journey to go dance around satan rock = tragedy that needs reported extensively and blamed on White people.

    Unarmed Hindus and Christians slaughtered mercilessly by Muslims when on their own journeys of faith = media silence.

    …sorry, makes it kinda hard to feel sorry that a few missed their terrorist conclave forever, but thats just me…

  5. @SNS

    Thank you for shedding a little light of the plight of Christians at the hands of Muslims around the world. Our brothers and sisters in Muslim-controlled countries are experiencing persecution on an increasing scale. Christian children are being kidnapped by adherents of Islam. Other Christians are being tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus Christ.

    However, in America, “Christians” feel persecuted if Mr. Doe didn’t shake their hand as they sat in their pew. Most American “Christians” go to “Church” on Sundays only (if that) and never open their Bible (if they own one). They allow their (church leader) to feed them Pablum and they don’t even know if he/she is telling the truth.

    If Christians in other parts of the world are undergoing severe persecution for their precious faith, will not American Christians have to endure the same or worse as the righteous judgment of God comes to the largest purveyor of abortion in the world? Innocent blood is flooding the ground and God sees it.

    Church leaders have bought into tickling ears to keep people in the pews even though the numbers are dwindling because they closed their doors during covid at the behest of godless government “leaders”. But what did God say about the gathering of the saints?

    The number of church leaders who either stream their sermons or post them on their web sites increased during covid. They are destroying the church because they continue streaming and posting their sermons and that entices people to stay home rather than go to church in obedience to God.

    When Christians see the Antichrist (Jesus told us we would Matthew 24:15) and undergo the following severe persecution we will be quickly conformed into the body of Christ that Jesus is coming back for. Tribulation produces the perseverance that Jesus suffered (Revelation 3:10) and self-control and hope. Yet people are being told that they will escape such persecution. If our brothers and sisters around the world are enduring the perseverance of Jesus, why shouldn’t we?

  6. Good points, 1harpazo. American Christians are like the church Christ mentioned in The Holy Bible, The Church of Laodicea. A church with lukewarm faith – Revelation 3:14-22.
    Christ does not suffer fools who get comfortable “gaining the whole world and losing their souls” – Matthew 16:26.

    The only thing keeping lukewarm American Christians from suffer the complete wrath of God is, the remnant of obedient Christians of Faith interceding for this country.

    See Romans 11:5,”Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.” This is a promise to Israel, but applies to Christians in Gentile nations as stated in the rest of the chapter. Hope is not lost for American despite her many spiritual sins. God still wants the best for The United States.

  7. So what! A thousand jihadi or more die from Sun stroke every year at a hajj. It’s part of their martyrdom doctrine.

    Typical. The leftist media all in their feels about a group of tyrannical terrorists cult members and could careless about their victims.


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