Half-dozen FDA vaccine panel members are tied to Pfizer

Including former VP, consultant, grant recipient.

WND: The FDA advisory panel that voted 17-0 on Wednesday to recommended Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children 5-11, despite acknowledging the lack of safety data and a 99.998% survival rate from infection, included a half-dozen members with ties to the pharmaceutical giant.

Among the members were a former vice president of Pfizer Vaccines, a recent Pfizer consultant, a recent Pfizer research grant recipient, the mentor of a current top Pfizer vaccine executive, the operator of a center that distributes Pfizer vaccines and the chairman of a Pfizer data group, reported the National File.

Another member proudly posted a photo of himself taking a Pfizer vaccine, and others were already on the record supporting COVID-19 shots for children. Recent FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is on Pfizer’s board of directors. more here

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  1. The federal government is so fucking corrupt, it defies belief. The FDA authorized the “vaccine” for a population of 28,000,000M children of which to date 79 have died of the Chinese flu(or so they say)

    That’s like a 99.99% survival rate.(I’m guesstimating)

    And these scummy big pharma companies still have 0% liability.

    Any parent that allows their child to get injected with this poison is out of their GD mind. Any state government that mandates that is so evil that they’re giving abortionists competition.

    Well, my younger, very active Brother (Age 65) didn’t get the Corona Virus, as advertised.
    However, 3 weeks ago he had a stroke with 3 blood clots traveling to his brain. His right side is paralyzed, can’t talk, can’t swallow, elevated & irregular heart rate and high blood pressure.
    In the last week Doctors have reduced his elevated heart rate and blood pressure. They used electro-shock to gain a regular heat beat (AFIB). A feeding tube was surgically inserted into his stomach and is used to give food, liquids, and medicines.
    Like other family and friends, I cautioned him about taking the experimental, emergency use vaccine.
    I feel certain that if he could talk he would tell me he should have been more cautious.
    Please Pray for his strength and mental toughness through his difficult recovery and the new life he will lead.

  3. Prayers for your brother, Cato.

    It is shocking what people on the left believe:

    The vaccine will save mankind.
    Alec Baldwin is in no way responsible for the death he caused.
    Garland is entirely correct in investigating parents who oppose school boards.

    They are all too stupid to realize that if the totalitarianism they seem to want does come into play, they will be among the first to be eliminated.

    It is downright scary.

  4. FDA and the rest of the unconstitutional alphabet bureaucracies need to be eliminated and the offices purified with fire. At least then big pharma would have to bribe officials in all 50 states.

  5. I’m sorry Cato. My oldest brother has been having trouble with severe vertgo and vomiting since his. I told my sister to tell him to go get a D-Dimer test. (I’m not supposed to know he had both shots)

  6. They and numerous others, mostly impotent politicians, have deep ties to wealthy globalist elites, brokers, and schemers who control things behind the scenes such as Bush, Rockefeller, global enterprise, massive investment corporations, democrat-rinos and numerous others. The smaller lowlevel entities such as AT&T, Nike, education orgs, lowlevel and local politicians, et al all wanted a piece of the money pie and threw in with the global fiends to deceive Americans.

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