Half of voters expect Biden to forget where he is during first debate – IOTW Report

Half of voters expect Biden to forget where he is during first debate

HALF Of Voters Expect Biden To FORGET Where He Is During First Debate & Walk Off Stage Wrong Way.
Tim Pool, Mike Benz and more.

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  1. Half of ME expects, well, hopes, Biden will croak during the 1st debate. Another brain aneurism will do nicely if it could get the timing of the blow-out just right.

  2. Nope…important events require Satan to possess him thru one of his minions…I am expecting an okay performance with that evil, satanic grin to manifest.

  3. The other half are fake or deceased.
    And the other half expect him to forget WHAT he is. No, where he is.
    Eg…I’m in Mar-a-largo who is this guy? Where is the GOP Convention again? Well now it will be wherever & whenever the guards say, Mr President, (he likes it when you call him Mr President). Mr Trump what are your thoughts on the doctors claims you are bipolar & suffer from schizophrenia? It’s all bullshit. I have had these same symptoms since my childhood. 6 bankruptcies later I am fully prepared to bankrupt America. Mr Trump, oh excuse me, Mr President, do you plan on installing a golden toilet in your new Oval Office? Yes, as soon as my Presidential order goes through channels. Folks, you heard it here 1st, new executive golden crapper installed at Rikers.

  4. But butt yet I respect… NOPE
    Derps, morons, ijits ,idiots are all off the list. Next.
    Oh bright one the insult was, carefully now, Read my lips, at the the convicted felon. I give no insults to or for the mentally challenged ones.

  5. @Anon 18:26 — It’s hard to imagine, but you’ve become even stupider. You say your insult was at the convicted felon and not to or for us mentally challenged people. But you just described that felon clearly as mentally challenged, i.e. bipolar and schizophrenic. In other words, by your own logic you are wasting your time issuing insults to nobody at all. Yep, stupider.

  6. @Anon 18:26 — You silly person, you! “Read my lips” is a line that makes sense only when you’re talking. Although, come to think of it, it may make sense after all given that your lips move when you’re writing as well as when you’re reading.

  7. @Anon @19:39 — Ha! The famous delivery of that line was when George H. W. Bush declared, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” I’d say that was “from the Bush I years”. Do you have another history lesson for us, you silly person?

    p.s. I didn’t have to look that up. You should have.

  8. See there are dumbasses & there are dummies, I say both. This was an example, (Read my lips) that MY prior comment had a specific direction at one person. If some dumbass/dummy takes it personally, so f’ing what, but oh his feelings were hurt, aw. A slight pain in the tip of my little pinky, maybe, no. Otherwise, f-off, it’s little dwebs like some here who like to dish out BULLSHIT, but can’t take it dished back. Wait till Nov 11th, a prison term & other MAGAgots in gov will be kick to the curb like yesterday’s garbage, righty-tighty where they belong.

  9. @Anon 20:03 — LOL! You are grasping at straws that no longer exist because your political idols declared them taboo because they polluted and harmed wildlife even though the replacement straws are worse for the environment and have at least on one occasion killed a human being.

    Your post facto rationalization is full of holes (like your cranium). Your “read my lips” comment was indeed directed at one person, that being myself. Go back and read it if you can find it. And my feelings, far from being hurt, are happy for the entertainment you’re providing.

    And the only one I see here lately that cannot take bullshit dished back is some anonymous coward who is too timid even to pick a nom de clavier.

  10. @Anon 20:03:

    Otherwise, f-off, it’s little dwebs like some here who like to dish out BULLSHIT, but can’t take it dished back.

    You understand that you just acknowledged that you’re dishing BULLSHIT, right?

  11. We have a shit load of peeps over tonight. Kids, kids wives, kids kids (AKA grand kids), Daughters in laws parents. All good conservatives. I’m almost feeling sorry for Anon the Troll. Almost. I’ve changed my mind. Anon is not a dude. It;s a young woman with 48 cats who hates her father.

  12. There hasn’t been a single instance of the bastard knowing if he’s afoot or on horseback in the last four years. How the hell can he forget something he doesn’t have a clue about in the first place.

  13. They’ve already stacked the debate (if the walking cadaver actually goes through with it); No audience, mikes turned off while the other is speaking (watch Trump’s mike “malfunction”) Bidet will get the questions in advance and piped in to the earpiece he’ll have hidden. He also wanted to sit for the entire debate and Trump said ‘no’. See if the old geezer can stand for 1 1/2 hours. I’m betting he won’t.


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