Hanging On: Republican Congresswoman Mia Love Is Now Favored To Prevail In Tight Re-Election Bid

Townhall: Last night, Beth wrote about Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) filing a lawsuit to halt ballot counting in her very tight re-election bid. She wants to halt the process until her campaign representatives are given access to oversee the authentication of signatures on ballot envelopes:

Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) has been a favorite amongst conservatives since she came on the national scene in 2014. This time around, Love faced a tough re-election battle against attorney Ben McAdams (D).

Polls taken over the last month have shown Love and McAdams in a near dead heat. A poll conducted by the Salt Lake Tribune at the beginning of October showed the two tied. A KUTV poll taken at the end of October showed McAdams winning by seven points. A New York Times poll taken during the same time frame showed the two tied.


But now, the Republican representative is suing Salt Lake County in hopes of stopping the counting that’s taking place. She wants to halt the process until someone from her campaign is given the ability to oversee and challenge signatures on ballot envelopes. Her campaign hopes to stop the counting until the ballots in question are resolved, the Salt Lake Tribune reported

Yet, today, it seems as if Mia Love is expected to survive, winning the latest batch of ballots. 

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  1. There’s a simple solution to voter fraud…If you live in a city that’s more then a hundred thousand people, then your vote only counts 50%….If you live in a city that is more then 500,000 people, then your vote only counts 25%….

  2. anybody just see on Tucker that the guest pundit said Broward County was so busy patting themselves on the back that they did the recount on time they forgot to send in the results to the state & by the time they figured out how to send the results ….
    wait for it ….. wait for it ……. they were 2 minutes late!
    … now, the recount from Broward doesn’t count (according to the pundit)

    Bwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa ….. …. hahahahahaha

  3. Sigh. Mia might win after all. I guess I was correct in making an effort to get all my kids to vote. I drove to Logan last Monday so my boy could get his ballot cast. Now, in that one act, I feel I made more effort in this election than Mia did. If she does win, she doesn’t deserve it, but it is expedient that she win. Sometimes I really hate politics.

    I am please to see some Republicans show a little life. When they say that Mia Love and some supporters are suing Salt Lake County, you can pretty much bet it was primarily the supporters taking the action. I hope that they sue to have the voter registration lists reviewed as well. They need to check for voters registered and voting in multiple jurisdictions, as well as checking for residency and citizenship. I don’t trust the mail-in ballots, and I certainly don’t have a lot of confidence in the validity of provisional ballots.

  4. That’s great. Maybe she has learned a lesson – wishful thinking. Now, she should apologize to President Trump for playing him like a sugar daddy. More than likely, if Mz. Luv wins, she’ll probably give credit to a local RINO big wig politician.


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