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Hawai’i: Prof To White Male Employees: ‘Please Quit’

Daily Caller: A professor wants universities to “stop hiring white cis men,” according to her May blog post uncovered by Campus Reform Wednesday.

“If you are a cis white man (meaning you identify as male and you were assigned male at birth) you almost certainly should resign from your position of power,” wrote Piper Harron, a temporary assistant professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa.

“That’s right, please quit. Too difficult? Well, as a first step, at least get off your hiring committee, your curriculum committee, and make sure you’re replaced by a woman of color or trans person. Don’t have any in your department?  HOW SHOCKING.”  more here

SNIP: Well, the bitch she did say “Please”.

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  1. “…and you were assigned male at birth….” WTF? What does that even mean? Like, the delivery room doc and nurse looked at your junk and said, “Well, what should we assign it? It looks like this little critter has a penis, but should we assign it male or assign it female. Wish the little critter could talk so we could discuss it with him/her/xer/xe/xir/zed first!”

  2. If this sad weakling cow succeeds in overthrowing White Male Civilization, she’ll be astonished when she’s forced to wear a suffocating black bag the rest of her life, beaten toothless by her Owner for burning his toast, forbidden ever to leave the squalid hovel, finally torn to pieces by a ululating mob of hysterical women over some hysterical accusation.

  3. Yeah, “assigned”?

    Aren’t you admitting God in there somewhere? Are you sure this is the path you seek?

    You also see this mindset when they say “Who let this guy have a gun?” As if there is a central, controlling authority deciding things.

    What a peek into the insane asylum their language gives us.

  4. My man-hater radar was honed in the 70s. This bitch wouldn’t get far with me at all. Like Billy Fuster said on another post, trigger the hell out of them every chance you get.

    Been doing it for 4 decades. A rewarding hobby. I highly recommend it. It isn’t difficult. They do all the work.

  5. Academia is full of these hating female and minority lightweight incompetent mouth breathing morons in order to fill quotas and look stylish, and who don’t serve any functional purposes. At taxpayer expense, BTW, and of course.

  6. Thanks for posting her advertising. I guess she can’t figure out how to get a full time job without eliminating the competition. Maybe it is just her time of the month. She is a real flamer!

  7. Wow. Went to that link BB provided. Clicked on the link named: Reluctant Maybe Blog

    Total victim in life.

    So tired of these kinds of people.

    Thinking of adding a 6.5 Creedmore to the collection. Lost my free long-range place years ago, but long distance is useful and the current stretch for me.

  8. I’ll not accept being called a sissy male by some brainwashed bint. Down with Racism, Nepotism, Favoritism, Nationalism, evil Political Ideologies and Mental Illness.
    And she can kiss my hairy(genetic male), caucasian ass because I’ll always be better at Math than her.

  9. Piper sez: “My favorite part of being a mathematician is being able to work with students. Right now my only students are very small irrational overly energetic humans who mostly just want to know what time it is and whether it’s their birthday.”

  10. Dear Piper,

    I regret not being present when you were born so that I could help “assign” your “gender” then, but Hey! Better late than never!

    Your gender assignment is now “changes randomly several times daily”. Enjoy!

  11. If there were justice in reality, every white male that works for her would quit and she (am I assuming gender?) would suddenly see just how much work suddenly isn’t getting done.

  12. She teaches Calculus II and intersectional radical feminism–you lost me after Calculus II. Plus you don’t speak too highly of your students as “There you go” posted above. Oh and you’re ugly too.

  13. I’m not surprised. I’d like to see her history as I’ll bet she had a easy life, not having to work for much and being told that because she’s black and a woman that no matter what she does some white man (or presumably a white woman as well, actually it’s hard to figure who she hates most, white men or all whites) will always be ahead of her. She then probably fucked up project, got corrected and suddenly the poor black woman as slave narrative becomes her mantra. Having said all of that I also think this thing could be part of her plan to get to full professorship without the qualifications or talent needed by shaming the selection committees into giving in to her.

  14. Yeah, “assigned” has been an issue in my opinion for awhile. “Assigned,” like the way you are assigned to a teacher in grade school?

    People don’t get *designated* to be in a certain group at birth, they just are.

  15. where are our Federal Gummint fascist bureaucrats from the Dept of Labor and Dept of Justice to arrest this broad for saying such illegal discriminatory shit?

    If a white guy had said something like “hire only white guys”, he’d be getting SWATted right now by a squad of militarized jackbooted thugs from Dept of Labor.

  16. Seriously, this is a clear violation of this guy’s rights as mandated by the EEOC regs.

  17. @Rufus T Firefly May 18, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    > If this sad weakling cow succeeds in overthrowing White Male Civilization

    Oh, Mr. Firefly, there’s more than one way to “Go Galt”.

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