Hawkins: Democrats Mum as Bodies Stack up in Gun-Controlled Chicago


Democrats who lined up to push gun control after the shootings in Virginia Beach, Tree of Life Synagogue, and Parkland, remain conspicuously silent as 40-plus individuals are shot weekend after weekend in Chicago.

To be clear, the lost lives at Virginia Beach (12 killed), the Tree of Life Synagogue (11 killed), and Parkland (17 killed), are not to be downplayed in any way. Yet they also ought not be exploited. Nevertheless, Democrats line up for camera and microphone time after these attacks–or go on a Twitter binge–in hopes of using the events to push even more gun control.

These same Democrats remain almost unanimously mum as gun control fails to curb the mayhem and bloodshed in Chicago. Even thought he death numbers in Chicago are without equal. more

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  1. Politicians have two classes of voters, up and down are perpendicular, parallel voters are dead, but can still vote.
    Both classes start with”‘p” so they are. easily confused.

  2. Wait a minute…Yesterday I was told that our govt had this powerful surveillance technology and was giving Chicongo the Gorgon Eye with it. Not true? Or maybe it’s being used to gerrymander districts and ferret out mortgage Red Lines, instead of, you know, fighting crime.

  3. …the Democrat party is the party of racism. They will USE Blacks for votes and for threats against society (anger US and our Blacks will riot), but they will otherwise scorn them, disrespect them, turn them away from the things that would help MOST like a good education and “White” societal norms, all while turning them against law enforcement and making it impossible to enforce laws where they are involved.

    This is because Black lives do NOT matter…to Democrats.

    …otherwise, they’d do something about the horrific abortion rate in Black communities, for starters. Planned Parenthood kills WAY more Blacks than the nastiest street gang ever could.

    Add to that creating a lawless environment in EVERY Democrat city that includes disarming ONLY those few that still actually OBEY the law, minimizing the importance of a stable traditional family as “Acting White”, glorifying “gangstas” to a point that would make Al Capone green with envy, and dismissing every Gangland style atrocity as being “dey kulture” while encouraging them to blame Whitey for everything, and you’ve got a pretty good recipe for genocide, in which the victims participate WILLINGLY.

    …maintain control by offering them scraps from the Government table, convince them they cannot succeed on their own because, racism, so they need Government to take from others to give to them, and tell them if elected they will steal MORE from Whitey for them, and there’s Chicago politics in a nutshell, how they have power and KEEP power, by fomenting nothing but dependance, want, and hate…

  4. This is an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL WHITEY-DEVIL, Republican LIE! Guns have been banned in Chitcago since 1982, and it’s been a socialist worker’s PARADISE ever since!!! This is just a smear campaign to make former community agitators look bad (or make people care about the Cubs; and NOBODY does – not even their mothers! JESUS hates the Cubs!)! 😳

  5. The Kenyans’ preacher (Rev. White) who is now living
    the high life retired in an expensive white enclave
    said that “the chickens are coming home to roost”.
    He meant that threat for “whitey” but it seems that
    his hopeful curse was aimed pretty damn badly.

  6. Just imagine the stacks of bodies if any of the hood rats could actually shoot worth a damn.
    They kill more bystanders then those they’re shooting at.

  7. Mr. Anth Ropy
    JULY 16, 2019 AT 11:01 AM
    “I bet a solid nickel that not a single one of the perpetrators was an NRA member”

    …they’d be screaming it to the sky if one WERE…

  8. The left needs this kind of chaos. The day it ends is the day their base stops killing each other are no longer distracted nor are they victims. And ghetto dwellers might start singing love songs again, instead of gangster rap.

  9. @Txn4Evr:

    As long as democrats are killing each other, I call that a Win!

    Yes! But unless the voter registration office assigns a worker to each hospital and morgue to read the toe tags and remove those names from the registered voter list, it won’t help much at the polls. Fat chance!

  10. Maybe you missed it but Chicago just got their property tax bills. One owner of a nice but not extravagant home had their bill increase over 60% to around $20,000 a year. Get ready Texas you’re about to get some new neighbors.

  11. Time to force hospitals, care centers, mortuaries, coroners, to notify Voter Agencies of deaths, the same way Social Security is notified. How much trouble is it to add a name to an address line?


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