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He Fell Unexpectedly

NYP: A Russian sausage tycoon who criticized the invasion of Ukraine plunged to his death from a luxury hotel in India — three days after his friend lost his life on the same trip.

Pavel Antov, who was reportedly celebrating his upcoming 66th birthday, was found dead outside the Hotel Sai International in Rayagada, the UK’s Telegraph reported.

According to Russian state media, Antov, who was also a politician, died in a fall from his third-floor window at the swanky hotel.

His passing on Sunday is the latest in a series of mysterious deaths involving Russian tycoons since the start of strongman Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. MORE

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  1. It’s just as likely that MI6 or the CIA did it.

    And how is it that the journos call Putin a “strongman”, but Zelensky, the guy who muzzled the press, shut down opposition parties and the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine and bullies our simping Congress, is called the “anti-strongman?

  2. It’s a big scam, Russia, the Ukraine and the USA are in on it to milk billions from American taxpayers and then divide up the spoils. The arms dealers make a pile of money, the militaries get a pile of funds, and the deep state gets their stash refreshed. Naturally, the connected get their 10%. The soldiers and civilians killed are inconsequential.

  3. A distant cousin took a fatal tumble from a window while working for a predecessor of USAID (wink, wink — allegedly) in Peru in the early ’60s. Still a go-to solution for the KGB crowd, these many years later.

  4. “Putin and Zelensky are of the same tyrannical cloth.”

    And Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Brennan, Clapper, Garland, Obola, Schitt, McCarthy, and McConnell are their stooges.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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