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It wouldn’t be the first time it appeared Obama had a set of horns.



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  1. I linked this a couple threads down. This wasn’t just one photo. It was photos from a couple different angles. What are those odds? Not good.

  2. Is it just me or does it look like somebody photo shopped the mooches butt onto the pope? That whole picture is spooky.

  3. For all the trouble Obutthole’s staff photogs go to to frame his head in a circular glow, they sure messed up this time. Heads will roll . . .

  4. Does Francis have Mooch’s ass?

    And how much carbon emissions are created by boiling the 500-gallons of hot water required to keep those 40 yards of white linen (Lenin?) clean. Not to mention the environmental degradation caused by the gallon of bleach, the two boxes of Tide® and the 4-hours in an electric dryer. Practice what you preach, Francis!

  5. I posted on my FB page;

    So the media bootlicks were getting ready for the visit on Tuesday.

    Then the people watching preezy on TV with the Pope, riveted by that all-tooth three second long psycho grin the form Dear Leader.

    So not a lot of fanfare about Abdul Rahman Shalabi, (allegedly) Al Qaeda member, security detail for bin Laden, fighter for the for the Taliban, and hung out in Tora Bora, done got hisself released. Left hand, right hand. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    But good on the few cameramen and producers that set up and then let be broadcast the bastard’s image to convey some truth.

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