Here we go again! Russian military considers return to Cuba, Vietnam

MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian military is considering the possibility of regaining its Soviet-era bases on Cuba and in Vietnam, the Defense Ministry said Friday, a statement that comes amid growing U.S.-Russia tensions over Syria.

Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov told lawmakers Friday that the ministry is considering the possibility of establishing footholds far away from Russia’s borders.

Responding to a lawmaker’s question if the military could return to Cuba and Vietnam, Pankov said the military is “reviewing” a decision to withdraw from them, but didn’t offer any specifics. “As for our presence on faraway outposts, we are doing this work,” he said.

In 2001, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military to pull back from Cuba and Vietnam as he sought to bolster ties with the United States. The U.S.-Russian relations now have plunged to the lowest point since the Cold War times amid strain over Syria and Ukraine.  MORE

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  1. Obama and Kerry’s incompetence and ignorance can’t be hidden.
    Both are Anti-American and have laid waste to the US Foreign policy, financial system and our military.

    Obama should have sent Russia $150 Billion like he did with Iran …. that worked out well.

  2. Must we fight another damned war in SE Asia that we’re destined to lose again since we didn’t finish off the N. Vietnamese commies and Ho Chi Minh 40 years ago? Vietnam was my generations Waterloo, we’re still torn apart as a nation over that damned war and I don’t want to see it happen again only to end the same way with the democraps and other fellow travelers giving up and giving away the victory to our enemies like they did in 1975. FOOLS, they’ll never learn!

  3. we did win Vietnam. us combat forces left in 73 and the South was fighting well. Ted Kennedy an lib Congress of 74 cut off all aid to the south while Chinese and Soviet aid still flowed to the north. siagon fell in 75 and millions died.

  4. I wonder how much Putin has paid to the Clinton Foundation and Obama’s private Banana Republic Fund. I wonder what he will call his charitable fund. Notice the strars like diCRaprio, who have ‘charitable funds’?

  5. I wish upon that POTUS asshole we have now the full weight of Karma due his ass for all the people he gets killed.
    We should have let Patton handle the Russians at the end of WWII, he had the momentum and the gas.
    Now we are going up against the Bear with Bambi in the White House
    Ammo and food, food and ammo

  6. “Russian military considers return to Cuba, Vietnam ”

    Russian point of view: Why not? It’s most likely America will help it now.

  7. This was Barry Priscilla Queen of the White Hut’s plan all along. Be ‘forced’ to declare war on Russia so he doesn’t have to give up the white hut..just move underground in the tunnels crossing the nation until everything is over and everyone topside is dead. The he thinks he will emerge to reign over the ruined nation forever. Someone should prevent this Manchurian candidate for Tsar any way possible.

  8. I can easily see the Russkis going back to Cuba. The Cubans will use it as a stick to jab us with and extort even more one-sided concessions from Obama’s regime.

    But the Russkis going back to Vietnam? Ehh, not so much. The Vietnamese are seriously pissed off at the Commie chinks right now for China’s imperialist hegemonistic illegal expansionism in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, the Commie Chinks and the Kleptocratic Russians are becoming bosom buddies in the western Pacific, conducting joint war games and signing alliances. So if the Commie Chinks and the Vietnamese get into another shooting match, the wily Putin will make sure ahead of time to not put Russia in an awkward position by being allied to both countries.

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