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Here’s Biden’s Embarrassing Moment at West Point

TownHall: Joe Biden addressed the graduating cadets at West Point on Saturday. He fumbled again. It’s not the event nor attending the graduation that’s a problem, but Biden has made the simplest of public appearances seem complicated. From slurring his words to peddling incoherent lies, the president doesn’t have the juice. There’s no presence, and that was showcased again this weekend when Biden had a Jeb Bush moment. After delivering a line he thought would strike a chord with the crowd, he heard nothing but crickets. Biden later says, “You can clap for that.” more

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  1. The only way to get into West Point today is to be a Prince Hall Mason or LBGT. If your a Hetro White Male, do not apply to West Point, you are wasting your time.

  2. Downer, heh. When I was at tech school at Keesler AFB in 76, we had a Sgt Downs in charge of the barracks. A downer was a bummer with Sgt Downs attached to it. First time I ever heard it used that way. I wonder if Sgt Downs knows how famous he is.

  3. Joetato actually compared himself to Roger Staubach, who attended Annapolis Naval Academy then was assigned to Viet Nam and became very well known as a Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. An always honorable man . Thank You for your service , Roger Staubach!

  4. Perhaps someone might inform him of the tiny Cemetery at West Point where it’s rumored that one of Benedict Arnold’s legs was buried in an unmarked grave . Traitor


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