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Here’s my ANTI-anti-Trump ad

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41 Comments on Here’s my ANTI-anti-Trump ad

  1. Right on Mr. Pinko. I’ve watched Trump being interviewed a couple times and get grilled on ED. Every one of the people eventually ask him the same thing. “Isn’t it possible to move he building or the pipeline one direction or another?”.


    People are stupid.

  2. With a world-wide oil glut at under $30/barrel, why would the oil companies want the pipeline NOW?

  3. Cruz is FOR Eminent Domain FOR a FOREIGN Company to take land from Americans VIA E.D. for THEIR PROFIT. The pipeline is to pump oil from Canada (PRIVATE COMPANY) to the GULF to SHIP FOR WORLD CONSUMPTION!
    Cruz is FOR Eminent Domain – SLIPPERY SLOPE (And Cruz LIES about Trump in his ads)

  4. In all Trumps property acquisitions, Trump and his attorneys used eminent domain only once?

  5. Hmm, interesting. Seems Trump has used eminent domain personally for his businesses more than just the single time.

    As Boaz notes, this was not the only time that Trump sought to use eminent domain to seize property from unwilling owners. In 1994, he also lobbied the city of Bridgeport to condemn five small businesses so he could build an office and entertainment complex that he absurdly claimed would turn Bridgeport into a “national tourist destination.”
    {end quote}

    And isn’t it interesting the huge reams of interviews, speeches, writings, and so forth in which Trump has shown he is in love with using eminent domain for any and all purposes, but then we have one soundbite in which Cruz says he thinks it could be used for a utility to build an oil pipeline and suddenly he isn’t just as bad as Trump, oh no, he is far worse !!

    Very, very sad.

    But then Emotion Trumps Intellect !! (Pun intended)

  6. Oh and there is a few lies in the video.

    For instance David Barton who runs the Keep the Promise Super PAC is who received the money the video claims was received by Cruz from the Oil Industry. So while this Super PAC may be supporting Cruz’s candidacy, it is not Cruz who received the money.

    And knowing what Barton and his groups stand for I am not sure I have a problem with them receiving money and supporting Cruz.

    But hey,

    Emotion Trumps Intellect !!

  7. B_Brad,
    Yes, someone owns that land, too, but may be more willing to part with it. Otherwise, pay the owner’s price! Whatever it is.

    E.D. that resorts to condemning the land, or forbidding building “for the sake of the environment” (as in N. C.) is nothing but theft. The problem is wider, the potential for abuse, greater, and is far more sinister than can be examined in 60 secs.

  8. Tim:
    Let’s look at the flip side of the coin. What happens without ED?

  9. Didn’t someone post a really good comment about eminent domain a few days ago? I think everyone who is commenting on it now, commented on that same thread.

    ED is nothing new. What is new is that Cruz is trying to make it a thing in the election. And he’s lying about Trump’s use of it. ED is a standard part of any proposal for large land use proposals, whether it’s a shopping mall, an obvious gov’t project (like light rail), and so on.

    I think Cruz is going to regret going down this road with Trump. First, like the IA caucuses, he’s going to be outed on the lies, and then he’ll be exposed for his own support of ED. Trump will come out smelling like a rose because, after all, ED is part and parcel of commercial development. Second, an overwhelming majority of of people do not care when they compare it to jobs, the economy, illegal immigration and ISIS.

    All Cruz is trying to do is use emotion to smear Trump as a money-grubbing, indifferent Mr. Potter. It’s also a very anti-conservative, anti-American message.

    Cruz is relying on peoples emotions rather than their intellect.

  10. Tim. First of all as a manufacturer I’ve grown to absolutely hate the term “Free Market”. We need a Fair Market. This is actually one of the main reasons I’m attracted to Trump.
    As for ED, you sound like you’ve got some specific instance of abuse at a local level you’re citing. I realize the potential for this sort of thing. But I still maintain you would probably own a horse instead of a car right now with out it. And probably get shot for riding over someones private property.

  11. TO Woody
    Are you suggesting Cruz DOESN’T use “emotion over intellect” to persuade voters?

    You would be WRONG.
    Or in DENIAL.

  12. B_Brad,
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but “Free” is a relatively objective term, whilst “Fair” is decidedly subjective. If we go way back into the deep past, at, say, the time of William the Bastard (Conqueror) of Orange, England fell under what was then considered Roman law, where all “public” areas (forests, marshes, rivers, prairies, &c.) could be used (hunted, fished, crossed, picnicked on, &c.) by the public, without fee or interference. William made all the “public” areas domains of the King which forbade their use by any other than the King or his sinecures, toadies, ass-suckers, &c. under pain of castration and blinding – sometimes death.

    THIS is the basis of Eminent Domain (the Plantagenet view, as opposed to the Roman).

    The land belongs to the King (Federal Gov’t) and all the peasants must remove themselves under pain of forfeiture – thus, the King (Fed and/or State Gov’t) can steal your “bought and paid for” property under almost any pretext, regardless of how foolish.

    This is WRONG.

  13. Using children who are too young to know about any of this stuff, like we’re supposed to think they are smarter than the adults is a lie in itself. Is it supposed to make us think that we’re stupider than children if we don’t agree? Any time one of these types of commercials come on, I have to change channel.

  14. @Woody – you agree that there are a few lies in the video, but you are perfectly okay with that because it’s Cruz. You think that he’ll lie about this but he won’t lie to you about something else?

    And Trump supporters use emotion rather than intellect?

  15. Well, no.
    ED was not part of commercial development prior to Kelo v. New London.
    That is why I said when SCOTUS handed down their decision I felt it was the worst decision SCOTUS has made since Roe V. Wade.

    People seem to have a blind spot with ED, lumping it together with Kelo as if it is the same thing.
    It is not. It’s as frustrating as hearing leftists say that the right is against immigration when we say ILLEGAL immigration.

    Trump did nothing wrong when offering a woman millions to sell her house.
    He could not force her out.
    Only the government could do that. And that’s what Kelo does.
    The government gets involved and determines the house or area to be blighted, condemns it, and gives it to a private developer

    But the government was not part of Trump’s casino development.
    Cruz is dead wrong on this issue.
    Frankly, he’s either an idiot or he thinks everyone else is.

    If Trump forced someone out of their house and smashed it to pieces so he can “park his limos”, cite the case.

    You can’t just say, “he must’ve done it sometime in his business career.”
    What kind of commercial is that?

    Cruz is not just for eminent domain, he supports Kelo.
    He’s said he’d bulldoze houses to put the pipeline in.
    That is not a U.S. government pipeline.
    It’s a private company.

    Without Kelo, the U.S. could not do this.
    Cruz cannot support the pipeline and simultaneously condemn Trump.

    I hate that Trump supoorts Kelo.
    But so does Cruz, so what am I to do?
    The issue is a wash.
    But Cruz keeps bringing it up and up and up again.
    It’s getting irritating because Cruz is hypocrite on the issue.

  16. The FALSE ads try to make Trump look like an EVIL GREEDY rich guy STEALING people’s property. BULLSHIT – Read this article from 2013 –
    She got offered a million dollars and a free room for life at Trump Plaza in exchange for selling the house. She refused – her prerogative. She then put it on market for $5 million after Atlantic City tanked. Greed and bad timing on her part.
    The house ended up going to auction and sold for $500,000+ (Carl icahn bought it) and the money went to back taxes owed. The woman got bad advice and made bad business decisions.
    If the government wanted that house – she’d be out on her ass with “fair market value” with NO RECOURSE.
    So which is worse – Eminent Domain dealing with the private sector or public sector?
    Cruz wants the Keystone Pipeline and will use the government to seize private property. And it won’t be the Trump generous way.
    Cruz is a hypocrite. Typical sleazy lawyer/politician – and his ads show that – using children to promote LIES!

  17. TO Tim

    “Free enterprise. Free market.”

    There’s MUCH in America where ED can reasonably be applied BECAUSE the Free Market alone would present insoluble barriers.

    It may be nice to live in a libertairan fantasy world in theory, but the real world begs to differ (usually with a kick in the a§$).

  18. What are “insoluble barriers?”

    I have neither fantasies nor world theories.

  19. Whatever the arguments are, whether we’re talking Kelo or ED, voters are not going to care because their house is either in foreclosure, they already lost their property in the ’09 crash, they don’t have a job to buy property or an illegal alien just got free rent at the house down the block and there’s some weird stuff going on at that other house down the block — arabs praying in the middle of the night and vans unloading propane tanks when they don’t even have a bbq.

    Cruz knows this. He’s just trying to smear Trump as an uncaring, indifferent Mr. Potter. A 1%-er who’s gonna enrich himself at the expense of poor ‘ol widda wimmens.

    Cruz is relying on emotions over intellect.

  20. I’d rather a private company come to me and say they are interested in my house than the government.

    That’s a no brainer.

    But with Kelo, private developers no longer have to pony up huge sums of cash in hope of ousting stubborn sellers.
    They have the government seize the property for them.

    Horrible. Nightmarish.
    Worst decision SCOTUS made in decades.
    If my house is seized for a highway.. well. okay.
    If my house is seized for a big political donor’s mall, I don’t feel as if I live in America any longer.
    It’s like living in Bolivia.

    I hate Trump for supporting it.
    I’m really starting to hate Cruz for not only supporting it, but being so oily as to think he can escape the stain of it when he’s guilty of supporting it.

    I know what I have in Trump.
    Cruz, on the other hand, the brilliant debater, keeps talking and talking like I’m the idiot and I don’t know what he’s all about.

    He keeps talking with his compassion face and saying “constitution” a lot.

    Yes, Kelo is constitutional… like abortion is.

    Please stop with the compassion face and repeating constitutional like I’m going to snap to and start saluting everything like Pavlov’s dog.

  21. Either you own your fucking land (and home) or you don’t.

    (I know, I know … don’t pay the property taxes and see how long you own it – that, too, is an abomination)

  22. Czar of Defenestration,

    The old “in denial” meme. I always love when that is trotted out to oppose someone else’s position. Trump is all about emotion, very little substance. Read his website, watched his videos, it’s all about emotion. Did the same to Cruz and funny thing is one of the big original arguments against Cruz, even here, was that he just didn’t have any emotion. He didn’t have the “fire in his belly”, etc…

    Now here suddenly you and others are trying to tell me that Cruz is the one playing on nothing but emotions. Wow, so the guy with no emotion is suddenly all about emotion and the guy who is and has been all about emotion is now intellect according to your comment?

    Interesting how Trump morphs according to his supporters and he never even changed a thing. Just like before, it’s all about people turning Trump into what they want to believe he is and they won’t accept he isn’t until he’s been elected and the truth starts to settle in. It sure is feeling a lot like a Republican version of 2008 these days.

    As always Emotions Trump Intellect…..

  23. “Yes, Kelo is constitutional… like abortion is.”

    Neither are “Constitutional.” Abortion was discovered in the “shadows and penumbras” of the Constitution, and the Constitution NEVER sacrificed private property to a gov’t greedy for increasing the taxes paid on that property. It was for an overwhelming public interest – like the Erie Canal.

    The SCROTUS is as corrupt as our Legislature and Executive.

  24. Glady,

    Did you watch the video? I think not or else it slipped right past you at the end where Cruz is accused of taking money directly from the Oil Industry and when I researched the sources given I found it wasn’t Cruz, but rather Super PACs that are supporting Cruz. A difference and a lie there.

    I guess you thought I meant Cruz was lying, but the funny thing with Cruz is I look at what he was saying in 2011, 2012, 2015, and now 2016 and it’s always the same. Build a wall, no path to citizenship, and definitely no amnesty. But hey, if you think he lied to you and you are mad about it, so be it.

    Again, Emotions Trump Intellect !!

  25. You read and found it to be emotions based?

    U.S.-China Trade Reform was highly detailed. It laid out an intelligent plan on how to make fair trade with China.

    Veterans Administration Reforms are highly detailed. I guess you can call this an emotional issue, and one that needs to be addressed.

    Tax Reform – Trump details his tax reforms in a very efficient detailed an unemotional way.

    Second Amendment Rights – He explains his position on 2A. The right to carry in all 50 states. One permit for all 50 states.
    Pretty emotional, I guess.

    Immigration Reform – Pretty clear cut what his stance is and what he will push for.

    I, too, expected to come to the site and see a simple jpeg of a hat that said, “Make America Great.”

    I was shocked.

    Having read it, I find it clear, sound, detailed and not at all worthy of derisive and dismissive scorn.

    Anyone that does do that is, dare I say, being emotional.

  26. Actually, by the time Trump had finally walked away from the Atlantic City Widow he had upped his offer to $2+million AND a free residence for life in Palm Beach FL. That was his last offer and she said NO. Remember, this is a woman who first set her own asking price at $1 mil, then refused when he came up to her price.

    And Trump had that HORRIBLE massive steel structure that Guccione had built (before running out of money) which literally encased her property (a low-income rooming house) torn down, and put in a landscaped public park and a parking lot. She had lived under that steel structure for a decade.

    Cruz HAS to know that Trump never had that womans house torn down – but I have heard him accuse Trump of that in a debate! He says it in his town halls. It’s straight lies.

  27. I keep hearing how Trump lacks specifics. Well number 1, I’ve read all the published policies the candidates have listed on their web sites. And number two, if you will recall Trump came out with a very specific Tax plan and that BOZO Yeb copied it with in a week. It’s true, look up the release dates and read the policies.

  28. You kick ass, Mr. Pinko. I’m loving Trump more every day, and Ted Cruz is proving that he IS a nasty guy.

  29. Great ad & thanks for posting it. The folks on The Five liked it too!

  30. @ Pookie18 – they liked my ad or the original ad?

  31. Can’t like children in political commercials, but this is worse!


    His Scary Federal Education “Choice” as a Civil Right, His Fake Repeal of Common Core, and His Phony Support of Homeschools Revealed.

  32. This Trump-o-rama on iotwreport is really getting boring. I get it. Trump is an angel from heaven who will build walls, cure cancer, save everyone’s businesses and life savings. all the while singing Kumbaya and spraying his bad comb-over. Ted Cruz is a sleazy lying ineligible Canadian who abuses children and cavorts with the devil. Is that about right? I need to go read some comments on a site that isn’t all Trump all the time.

  33. P.S. @BFH – since you are the only Trumpster I have any respect for on this site, I am going to do as you suggest, and swallow my nausea and go to and read. But only because I respect your opinion.

  34. Great ad from Cruz that nails the lying progressive slime named Trump. Id rather let the country go into a collapse before voting for this man who is a white version of dear leader.

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