“He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread” – IOTW Report

“He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread”

This guy lays out the case for re-electing Trump better than almost anyone.

h/t Ghost

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  1. Trump should make a commercial out of that. He nails it. I read today that the Libertarian Presidential Candidate, who ever that is, is drawing much larger crowds than Biden.

  2. Leo Terrell 3.0. Enjoying, I think, his cornbread, and also probably spreading some panic to the Biden-Harris camp.

  3. This almost brought tears of happiness to my eyes. 😍

    And if Biden isn’t toast something is seriously messed up in the ballots.

  4. Judging by his accent, I don’t think this is any relative of slave mistress, Kameltoe.
    Bless the clarity in this man’s mind, why do the Democrats keep telling us they are dumb for having one?

  5. Rat Fink, Fanfare For The Common Man by Aaron Copland is such a great piece of music, I get chills up and down my spine listening to it. Emerson, Lake and Palmers version of it is also fantastic. That along with Ode To Joy by Bach, The Hallelujah Chorus by Handel, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and finish with a rousing ending of The William Tell Overture as the cavalry (the deplorable American people) comes to the rescue all need to played in celebration after Trump kicks joey’s ass on Tuesday. HI HO TRUMP!

  6. He’s eating the cornbread and Joe Hiden kicked Corn’ Breads ‘ass’…this is all so fucking weird.

    I LOVED the way he said ‘The Donald’, near the beginning, said as if he knows him, WITH PASSION, it’s become personal for this man, like many of us here IOTWr. We SEE how he fights for US like NO ONE BEFORE HIM. PERIOD.END.THAT.SENTENCE.

    I really wish I could be as enthusiastic right now.

    Something is fucking afoot…with the DEMONrats.

    Glad you all dug it…seeing it again, this rainy evening, made my VERY shitty day and gives me some hope.

    I grew up in and around guys like that…his accent brings pleasure.



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