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Hey, Democrats, You Know Who Else Transferred Phone Call Transcripts to a Secret Server?

If you guessed 0bama, you’d be correct.

Townhall: So, the liberal media is sticking to this ‘Trump used a secret server’ to keep the Trump-Ukraine non-troversy alive. The Trump administration now finds itself fixing bayonets with congressional Democrats, as they prepare to impeach him for having a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Okay, okay—there is this shoddy allegation that Trump threatened to withhold military aid unless Zelensky opened an investigation into Hunter Biden. The transcript of the call, which was released last week, debunks all of that. There was no quid pro quo.

Yet, let’s get back to this server bit (via UK Independent):

The White House has admitted moving details of a telephone call between Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart to a classified server, according to CNN.

The admission appears to back up one of the claims made by a whistleblower about efforts to conceal evidence of the controversial call, which has led to an impeachment investigation against the president.

In a statement to CNN, a White House official said staff had been directed by National Security Council lawyers to move records of the call to a server usually used to store classified information. They said: “NSC lawyers directed that the classified document be handled appropriately.”

So, that means we should investigate Obama since…he did the exact same thing.

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  1. Yes, but there is a memorandum written by Susan Rice to herself stating that her President insisted that everything had to be done “by the Book.” The Book. Got that, America? By the Book. Osmidgen insisted that everything be done by the Book. So, there must be a Book somewhere in Osmidgen Land authorizing all those illegal payments of money to the Mad Mullahs, right? By the Book. This mysterious Book must be well hidden in all those sealed documents in the Osmidgen Library that doesn’t have any Books.

  2. Larry, that’s five years away and it’s a Penthouse but it is big so you’re half right. And I don’t think Hillary’s going to the White House but instead the Big House so you’re half right again.(And I don’t mean Trumps big house.)

  3. Larry, the only house Hillary should be going to is a halfway house. She’s an alcoholic Larry. Don’t you remember her being chucked in a van with poop running down her legs. When they tossed her in it bursted her colostomy bag.

  4. Guiliani explained several times to the dimbulb at MSNBC that the reason it was placed on a “secret” server is because of the horrendous number of WH leaks that plagued the administation — many, many, many times over the number of leaks from the past several administrations. The Leftists harp incessantly about Trump’s failure of national security, they throw that one out as often as “racist.”

  5. Hi Larry,

    Why do you come here to IOTW anyways? Just to be an annoying troll? Really?? Is there not another place in your Swamp to dwell?

    Ya boy Hussein will go down, PUN intended.

    I’ll go to bed if YOU do, jerk.

    Oh wait, I just realized Larry is a NPC.


  6. Larry I can tell you’re a liberal, dream on SNOWFLAKE!! We will Re-Elect President Trump by a landslide and this will shut all of you baby killing supporters up!

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