Highly Vaccinated Iceland & Gibraltar See Exploding ControlaVirus ‘Cases’

Instead of cutting off China, boycotting their products, or at the very least telling them to go F themselves,
the slow-witted and evil double down and oppress innocent people for nothing.

WLT: It’s been drilled in our heads that this a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”
The mainstream media and health overlords have painted a picture that casts unvaccinated individuals as lepers of society. Dirty people responsible for all of the world’s problems. Super spreaders taking up valuable space in the hospital.

But that narrative is falling apart thanks to the world’s most vaccinated countries.
Let’s take Gibraltar first.

Located on the southern coast of Spain, the British overseas territory fully vaccinated 99% of its roughly 34,000 residents by June 1st.

COVID-19 is supposed to be gone, right? But cases have exploded in July. Despite virtually everyone being double jabbed, restrictions are coming back. more

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16 Comments on Highly Vaccinated Iceland & Gibraltar See Exploding ControlaVirus ‘Cases’

  1. Masks work, so everyone needed a vaccine. Now the vaccine works, so everyone needs a mask. The masks will work again, so everyone is going to need monthly vaccines. Now it’s time to REALLY do your part and obey our elected scientists so we can slow the curve and get through this together. We can do this, it’s just for 15 days.

  2. How much do we need before we wake the heck up and call “BULLSHIT?”

    Sheeple really ARE sheep!

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. No mask (you can breathe through) will stop a virus.
    That’s a fact that’s known by (just about) everybody in the medical world – and yet they play along with this farce.
    If an inoculation doesn’t prevent the disease it’s purported to prevent – then it isn’t a vaccination – and (just about) everybody in the medical world knows this – yet they continue this farce.

    There’s an unholy alliance among Medicine, Propaganda (Media), Government, Wall Street, the Armed Forces, and Academia to some nefarious un-American end.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. We were warned some time ago that democrats and their accomplices would try to kill off as many Americans as they can, while the gullible and naive fell for the trickeries. Recently, it’s been exposed that Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in collusion with the CDC have plans to annihilate non-whites and the mentally challenged with the vaxx, in league with the evil and vile margaret sanger’s planned parenthood baby-murder schemes. If anyone here has family and friends who are interracial, non-white, and mentally challenged it would be wise to warn them away from this toxic krap.

  5. The case counts go up, then go down, then up again… Masks don’t matter, vaccines may reduce the symptoms and deaths but not the case numbers. Look at Spanish Flu curves when there were no vaccines, same thing. But it ended, as this will – in fact we are on the last significant curve and then it will be gone, despite the ongoing manufactured fear.

  6. These COVID1984 vaccines authorized under emergency use authorization (eua) are acting more like therapeutics than a vaccine. You take the vaccine…..you can still get Covid….you can still pass Covid…..you just have milder symptoms…..and their clotting issue can kill you.

    That seems to be the same way that the therapeutics of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, quercetin, or EGCg plus D3 and zinc work…..without clotting issues….but these therapeutics are much cheaper……for what it’s worth I do the quercetin with hydroxy and ivermectin as backup in the medicine cabinet.

    Here’s a good link about these Covid therapeutics….


  7. There were many experts, those vanished, that said in the beginning this is going to cause ADE and the vaccinated will get extremely sick if they get a later version of the virus. Why they never brought a Corona virus to market, all the animals in their studies died when they got sick again after the vaccine.

  8. There were no Chi Com Virus experts when the virus was released by the Chi Coms and there are no Chi Com Virus experts now! The so-called (alleged) experts in conjunction with big pharma spent no time on developing a treatment or a cure but spent much time and resources inventing a shaky vaccine that brought them (and continues to bring them) multi-billions of tax dollars!

  9. From the article: “ And Iceland’s top epidemiologist suggested lockdowns could last up to 15 years, basically making them permanent.”

    As predicted.

  10. Tim August 1, 2021 at 6:36 am

    How much do we need before we wake the heck up and call “BULLSHIT?”

    Sheeple really ARE sheep!

    When people learn to say NO! I’ve taken my stand. NO! The sheeple will learn the hard way, I don’t want to feel what they are going to experience with the jab. Jabbers remorse has got to be the worse feeling because it can’t be undone. It was voluntary after all, people were given a choice, no one forced anyone into this jab. SAY NO!

  11. Fake pandemic.
    Fake tests.
    Fake statistics.
    False reporting.
    Vax is deadlier than the virus.

    New World Gov’t is killing us.


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