Hillary Clinton Tweets About Flint Water Crisis, INSTANTLY Regrets it – IOTW Report

Hillary Clinton Tweets About Flint Water Crisis, INSTANTLY Regrets it

YoungConservatives: In an effort to bring up race in America where it’s completely uncalled for, Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton sent out this tweet…

clinton tweet flint water 1

It doesn’t get much more stupid than that, especially considering that Flint is home to a Democrat Mayor in Karen Weaver.


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  1. Such overt white privilege on display, Hillary. Now everybody knows what’s in your shriveled excuse for a (black) heart.

    Shame, shame……

  2. She’s correct, by accident. Rich whites don’t elect corrupt incompetent democrats generation after generation.

  3. More proof that the forked-tongue, four-flushing, tone-deaf, money grubbing, influence pedaling, prevaricating, calculating, divisive, deceitful, rotten, old, cold Communist criminal business partner of the Pants-Dropper-And-Thief will say anything!
    DemocRats: Over half a century of creating run down, burned out, poverty-stricken, rat-infested ghettos, filling them with useful idiots and using them for their own political advantage!
    You can be sure that if this Bitch sent any water to Flint it wuz paid for by someone else!

  4. Sorry IOTWR kids, the governor is an R. He appointed a do nothing person to “handle it” ie “do nothing.”

    The regional EPA director knew about it but could not ORDER the gov, state and local bureaucrats to clean it up. The regional EPA could ONLY recommend cleaning it up. This makes no sense.

    It took an independent analyst to blow the whistle.

    The head of the regional EPA resigned. Waiting – but not holding my breath – for GOV Rick Snyder (R), the state EPA, the water board, the mayor, the DA, and all the evil bureaucrats with their finger prints on this crime to resign and brought up on charges.

  5. Why would a governor, Republican or otherwise, inject himself into a purely local matter unless asked, particularly a Demonrat-occupied city?

  6. Well @Zonga, I can tell you have never tried to get a bureaucracy to something they were too lazy to do.
    A democrat run administration has to be told by the Gov. to make clean water?
    Kidding, right? Did the Gov. of CO have to tell the EPA not to spill millions of gallons of toxic waste?
    Should the Gov of LA have to tell the workers manning the pumps in NOLA not to abandon their stations to prevent the 9th ward from submerging?
    You slip is showing like a whore on Sunday.

  7. She is rally-pandering black voters in preparation for Southern state primaries, where she is going to grind Bernie up. Enjoy NH, Bernie bros & hos, because that is your high-water mark.

  8. OpenTheDoor,

    Do your homework.

    Spewing personal insults in the midst of a discussion is ignorant and offensive.

    I imagine your next straw-man will be Hitler.

  9. @Whiteboy Rick – And out here in the ‘burbs the big city charges us outrageous rates for water to subsidize the urban LoFoz! So while the Republican Gov could curtail funding, the defecRats would simply dream up more charges, fees and taxes to make up the difference! They’re very creative when it comes to bilking the public… selectively!

  10. And furthermore, I shudder to think what we really pay in taxes when you factor in all the invisible taxes on taxes, taxes behind taxes, excise taxes, airport fees, hotel fees, restaurant fees, etc, etc, etc!! Maybe someone has already, but I would wager we’re at a good 50% when all in. One more reason to turn off the spigot, stop funding our own demise and start draining the damn swamp!

  11. BTW, you brought up Hitler, according to Godwin, you lose.

    “if you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazis within a discussion thread, you’ve automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in.” Godwin’s Law

  12. @OpenTheDoor – You do not understand Godwin’s Law, nor its most common corollary. Zonga did not compare you to Hitler, rather she said that she expected you to mention Hitler.

    Godwin’s original observation was simply that as [USENET] threads grew longer, the more likely it would be for a participant to mention Hitler and the Nazis. The common corollary, adopted in fact by Mike G. himself, is that the first participant to liken another participant with Hitler loses. That didn’t happen. Zonga likened you to ill-mannered trolls whose behavior gave birth to Godwin’s Law in the first place.

  13. Hey Al, you interpret laws like a Prog.
    “t means what I say it means, pay no attention to the content.”
    For yucks, how about telling us all what this means.
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  14. Look in the mirror, OpenTD. My account is not an interpretation of Godwin’s law. It is what Mike Godwin says, and he’s the ultimate authority. I understand better, now, what Zonga meant when she admonished you to do your homework.

    As for the 2nd Amendment, it means that no one at all may interfere with the right of any individual to acquire, maintain, or wield weapons; the part about the militia is included as an explanation, but not a required condition, for the recognition of that right in the Bill of Rights.

  15. The ‘militia’ is EVERY able-bodied man …
    and ‘well regulated’ has NOTHING to do with gov’t ‘regulations.’

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