Hillary ‘Not The President’ Clinton Says Trump Should Have Been Indicted in Mueller Probe

She lies like she breathes. What a psycho.

Dan Bongino: E mail-deleting, Blackberry-smashing Hillary Clinton said that President Trump should have been indicted for obstruction of justice based on the Mueller probe’s findings.

“I think there’s enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted. But because of the rule in the Justice Department that you can’t indict a sitting president, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the Congress,” said the former Secretary of State at the Time 100 summit in New York City.

Clinton said that Congress should continue to investigate the president, but cautioned Democrats on impeachment discussions.  more here

27 Comments on Hillary ‘Not The President’ Clinton Says Trump Should Have Been Indicted in Mueller Probe

  1. And Hillary ought to be in jail for lying to the world at Benghazi and also at … and also at … and then for handling classified materials so she’s at least a 4 time felon.

  2. There certainly is enough there to indict…………. hillery
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. Trump should have thrown her in jail when he had a chance. That chance may reappear. If it does, he gets a second shot at getting rid of her for the rest of her days.

  4. Can’t somebody commit her to Bellevue for a 72 hour psych hold? She’s delusional, irrational, explosive temper, I mean what else do you need?

  5. Says the most indictable unindicted individual in history – the left has taken hypocrisy to new levels-maybe that’s how they plan to get to Mars.

  6. Too bad she didn’t hold a grudge like this against the Benghazi terrorists. She’ll be cursing Trump until she dies. There will never come a point where his election makes no difference to her.

  7. She should be in prison.

    Also, President Trump needs to send someone official to do a welfare check on RBG – cause I bet you anything she’s dead and it’s being covered up to keep Trump from filling her post before the next election.

  8. I know that it’s difficult to accept, but could everyone just use common decency and refer to this woman by her proper title? It’s President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton, the most qualified person to ever run for anything in our country’s history. Once that Electoral College thing gets straightened out, she will be ascending to her rightful place in the newly reformed Office of the President of the United States of New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii.

  9. I think Hillary destroying all those subpoenaed E-mails and their associated hardware would easily qualify as obstruction of justice.

    Glass houses, judge not or be judged, etc., all that sort of thing.

  10. Hillary needs to keep her Big Mouth Shut! Remember Benghazi or how about all the email she tried to delete full of classified information! I also remember White Water… She is over-due to commit suicide by falling down a flight of stair after shooting herself in the back of her head with both hands!

  11. Its past time to give Hilary Clinton the Roman dishonor Damnatio memoriae. (Latin) That is the best treatment she may get if the DOJ fails to do its job yet again. Then we could all rest in peace for once.

  12. ^ And apparently, her doctor also recommended that she drink some arkancider. But, for some reason, now the doctor can’t be reached for comment.

  13. Trump had no intent to commit a crime or engage in collusion/obstruction. Yes, I know that makes no sense, but that was Comey’s rationale for concluding that Hillary Clinton committed no crime despite having classified information on her private email server.

    The left is prone to engage in all sorts of silly pronouncements in an effort to protect their favored politicians. “Hillary didn’t obstruct justice by wiping her server because it was Taco Tuesday!” “There’s a sale on Nike shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods; all Democrats get to commit tax fraud!” The “Steele Dossier was typed in Arial font instead of Times New Roman, so the DNC’s involvement in commissioning that dossier did not need to be disclosed to the FISA court.”

    Hillary calling for an indictment or further investigation of Trump is the witch calling for a witch hunt.

  14. I like the part where she becomes a bird poop stained crazy octenagerian standing on the street corner shouting incomprehensible gibberish before collapsing again and losing another shoe.

  15. This kind of nonsense is James Comey’s fault for giving Hillary a pass on all her misdeeds. She ought to be writing this crap in her forthcoming book from behind bars.

  16. Wimpy, limp RINOS take note: Democrats are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS on offense. The more guilty they are, the more they are projecting their guilt onto others.

  17. Hillary, if Comey’s public press conference about your handling of classified information transcript had been presented to a Grand Jury you would have been arrested the same day. Make no mistake.

    Nice to be above the law, yes?


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