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Hillary personally identifies with transvestitism

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AmericanThinker: “Transgender people are valued[.] … They are us,” Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) intoned, speaking before the  Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the leading group supporting homosexual men, lesbians, bisexuals, “gender fluids,” transvestites, and probably more.

The only thing unclear is, who are the “us”?  Mrs. Clinton, who has never been particularly supportive of homosexual marriage or transvestite rights, until President Obama changed his mind on these matters, is now striving to portray herself as a longtime supporter of homosexuality.

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12 Comments on Hillary personally identifies with transvestitism

  1. Just what proportion of potential voters is the combined total of these weirdos?
    I mean how many homos, transgenders, atheists, occupiers and other assorted malcontents and crybabies are there?
    I imagine it is a relatively small but vocal minority. Numbers appear to be growing as more professional victims swell their ranks.

    Why pander to these oddballs?

  2. It makes sense that Hillary would be looking among those people for votes. Hillary knows only insane people are going to vote for her.

  3. “lesbians, bisexuals, “gender fluids,” transvestites…

    I always thought gender fluids was the stuff you wiped up after having sex.

  4. Let’s see. . . .. .
    LGBT (did I “include” them all?) make up, what, MAYBE 2-5% of the total voting population? What is this, pandering to ONLY the swing voter minority?

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