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Hillary yet to hold single press conference in 2016

WaTimes: Hillary Clinton is 0-for-2016, having failed to hold any full press conferences this year — fueling the perception that she is the most guarded major candidate in recent political history, in stark contrast with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump has held at least four full, formal press conferences this year, including one Tuesday, and has fielded questions at length from the flock of reporters covering his campaign on numerous occasions.

Mrs. Clinton took questions from the press traveling with her campaign once, in Minnesota in March, but hasn’t held an organized press conference in six months.   more here

8 Comments on Hillary yet to hold single press conference in 2016

  1. See there, it’s science in action….no one wants to comment just like no one wants to hear her schlump conference….It’s a rather provocative comparison of Einsteins and Newtons theories of the sound of shit falling out of your pants leg…

  2. MJA – Your choice of photo subject is certainly apropriate. But that chicken you picked is far too good looking – a truly handsome hen – to represent Dead-Eye. I respectfully suggest using this one instead! (-:

  3. The mother fucking Washington Times has blocked me.

    So now what?? I’m too far to the right for them? Unfuckingreal.

  4. She simply hasn’t figured out a better way to rope the press off.

  5. She don’t need no stinkin’ pressers. She and Huma are on the phone every night with Chris, Brian, Katie and the entire ABCDEFGNew York Times,WTJ giving them their marching orders: Attack Trump and scorch Bernie. That’s it.

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