Hillary’s Libya Problem

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Tom Friedman Strikes A Discordant Note

As the NY Times devotes itself to getting the nation Ready For Hillarity! 2016, Tom Friedman strikes aslightly discordant note while discussing Obama’s Mideast “policy”:

Obama has said and done some boneheaded things in the Middle East (like decapitating the Libyan regime with no plan for the morning after)…


6 Comments on Hillary’s Libya Problem

  1. oh tom, I thought it said lybia.
    as far as the msm is concerned she doesn’t have a lybia problem.
    as far as her labia problem, huma took care of that last night.

  2. I suspect Hillary had little to do as Secretary of State. I never understood what qualified for the job anyways. I suspect she was left in the dark as she was sent around the world on junkets. This doesn’t excuse her for the disaster that’s unravelling worldwide.

    Her despicable lie about a video whispered into the ear of the mother of one of dead Benghazi Seals says enough about her. She towed the line like a good progressive Alinskyite.

    She was/is BHO’s patsy.

    Funny how people like her and dirty Harry get so bruised up on the job. Just saying! 🙂

  3. For starters, Tom Friedman is a different frickin’ species, and is the least of the Hildeeest’s problems now or later…

  4. her new campaign theme song is :

    “ron brown’s body has a bullet in it’s head..
    his trooff be marchin’ on !! “

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