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Hillary’s Two-Year Tantrum

AT: For the last two years we have all been forced to endure the temper tantrum thrown by Hillary Clinton over her second Presidential campaign loss just as the spectators in a grocery store aisle watch the young mother attempt to discipline her out-of-control toddler as it thrashes itself screaming across the floor.

The American people defeated Hillary in the Democrat Primary season of 2008. The popular version of that loss is that Obama overwhelmed the party with his charm. The reality is that Democratic Party voters chose his inexperience, melanin level, and vacuous campaign of “Hope and Change” over the known petulance and criminality that they had witnessed during the 1990s by the Clinton administration and didn’t want to give the keys of the republic to the Clintons again.

Hillary and Patti Solis-Doyle ran a disastrous campaign in 2008 that was only superseded in its ineptitude by Hillary’s and John Podesta’s campaign of 2016. Barack Obama became the candidate and then president for two terms because of the second worst presidential campaign in American history.

Hillary’s overarching personal ambition was that she was destined to be President of the United States. It wasn’t that she was a popular candidate. It was merely her turn.

Clinton couldn’t win that nomination in her own right. She had neither the courage nor the interpersonal and political skills that a politician like her husband Bill, who was brought along for the ride because he possessed the skills but not the ambition to be President. Bill demonstrated that his true desire was the access to myriad females that the offices of state attorney general, governor of Arkansas, and then POTUS afforded him. It was Hillary’s ambition for him to be president so that she could wield the power behind the throne.

It isn’t just the campaigns that were utter disasters, but also her tenure as secretary of state. Her testimony in front of a House committee where she displayed her contempt for Congress, the American military, her own ambassador to Libya, and the three other Americans whose lives were wasted in her foolish attempt to politically reshape North Africa, the Middle East, and imperil our biggest ally in the region — the State of Israel — was the height of arrogance.

Hillary never understood that she was her own worst enemy. The more people got to know her, the more they disliked her. Her campaign crowds in Iowa were paltry compared to Sander’s enthusiastic and youthful attendees. The same would be true eight years later when Trump was holding rallies for the tens of thousands of supporters who supported him not because of his Republican Party credentials but because he was running against Hillary, while she could only garner hundreds to occasionally thousands in her campaign events.

Hillary thinks that the crime that party members committed in 2008 was to choose Obama over her. Having destroyed her own political career, it appears she vowed to return the party’s favor. Hillary Clinton has used, abused, and destroyed the Democratic Party. She appointed Debbie Wassermann-Schultz to reign over the Democratic National Committee. The crimes committed by Schultz on Hillary’s behalf in illegally suborning the will of the Bernie Sander’s voters had to be covered up by Donna Brazile.  more here

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  1. Wonderful article, truthful, but it ain’t gonna shut the bitch down. A criminal accusation and a trial might work. But I doubt it will happen. The big game hunters are after President Trump,not that treasonous crook. The big game hunters, Fatty Nadler, Shifty Schiff, Swallowall, Schmucky Schumer, Pepsident Pelosi, Mad Maxine Waters, Crazie Bernie, Fauckohanus, AOC and her covey of muslim whores, are out for Trump blood. I hope we have enough Americans to kick their asses in 2020. Really, I know we do.
    But, Those ” Big Game Hunters” couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Trump will kick their asses alone.

  2. Hill-Ree knows she should have been Prez.

    But why doesn’t she demand that
    Gyorgy Schwantz, who calls himself ” SOROS ”
    To explain ?

    In April 2008, Hill Ree went from
    ” Inevitable ” to ” Also Ran ”
    in record time WHEN


    Put his money on the imposter and the entire
    smellocrat party followed suit
    including the power-drunk Clintons.

    Now, someone tell me that the smellocrat party
    isn’t owned by foreign national and NAZI
    Gyorgy Schwartz, who calls himself


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