His Nightmare

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  1. The Songbird’s only nightmare is instead of the 72 virgins his Islamic brothers promised, he’s gonna meet up with all the guys he killed on the Forrestal.

  2. He’ll be greeted by 134 sailors plus many POW’s. Then he’ll be whisked off to parts unknown, just as he was whisked off the USS Forrestal before the fire was put out. McCain turned out to be a creepy fellow.

  3. How could this asshole block attempts in Congress to search for POW’s? He’s a fucking demon. It’s sickening. Honestly, I don’t know why Sarah Palin agreed to be his running mate in 08. I ain’t mad at her, but omg she had to be getting the creep vibe from him.

  4. Meaghan McC said he be remembered for hundreds of years for his deeds but I think it’ll be hundreds of seconds until the stain has left the bowl.

  5. Hours after Clinton left the FBI interview (July 3?) Trump tweeted that sources told him no charges would be filed against her.

    In 2013 Trump tweeted that Schneiderman was worse than Weinerspitzer.

    I think Trump has very good sources in the FBI and in the military. When he said McCain wasn’t a hero I think he knows EXACTLY what McCain did in Vietnam (and before). As the retired general said on Fox News yesterday, McCain is called Songbird because of what he revealed as a POW.

  6. @MJA; Palin was asked why she took the job (I think after the election and all the crap she took) and she said that when you’re asked to run for the Vice-Presidency of the United States you don’t say no. I only wish she had stayed in politics and especially wished Trump had given her the Secretary of the Interior Cabinet post.
    As for McCain, doesn’t it seem that he’s lived a little too long and been pretty damned active for someone with what is supposed to be terminal brain cancer?

  7. McShitstain, the war monger who applauded Odoinga and Hitlery bombing Libya and turning it into chaos for no reason, who helped engineer the fake Iraq war, who wants war with everybody and anybody, is against the nomination of Gina Haspil. In his twisted mind using physical force on a single enemy terror suspect, that falls short of killing them in order to save American lives, is worse than killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and children for no reason other than making his buddys rich. He is deranged.

  8. Will this plucking rino never die? Why won’t he step down from the senate? I can’t wait to piss on his grave, the traitor!!!!!!!!!

  9. I hate to predict this but he’s going to cling on until June 12th for his last FU to President Trump (steal headlines) on the day of the historic Singapore Summit.


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