Hollywood’s Embarrassing Embrace of Oprah’s New Age Loon Marianne Williamson

Diogenes’ Middle Finger:

Monday evening, a crowd of several hundred people milled around one of the entertainment industries temples, the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, surrounded by blue light and a floor full of pink balloons. Some guests came in flower crowns, one wore Mickey Mouse ears decked out as giant purple orbs. They were there to see Marianne Williamson, friend of Oprah, metaphysical guru, longtime lecturer on a “spiritual psychotherapy” guidebook allegedly dictated by Jesus, and 2020 presidential candidate.

The spiritual guru-cum-presidential candidate, who loves Avatar way more than anyone should, has inspired a rash of Rabelaisian tweets and head-scratching op-eds, including a doozy from the Washington Post titled “Marianne Williamson is the only true anti-Trump,” with the author opining that the bestselling author of A Return to Love possesses many of candidate Trump’s so-called “strengths,” including: “no political relationships yoking her to an ossified party consensus, no policy experience.”  more here

10 Comments on Hollywood’s Embarrassing Embrace of Oprah’s New Age Loon Marianne Williamson

  1. This woman being recognized as an actual candidate for president is almost as absurd as the squat squad actually being recognized as congresswomen.
    Still, I would rather have a pothead like Williamson in congress than any of those despicable America hating “discolored” women.

  2. Hollywood is filled with soul-lessm, self-loathing narcissists, desperate to latch on to anything that makes them feel superior – even if it destroys society, so long as they feel better. (Well, that is the work of narcissist, is it not? Just look at mooooooooooooochelle obama’s ‘school lunch program: while she ate like a rich pig on our money, she saw to it school children were literally starved at lunch.)

    Being Pete ‘Alfred E. Newman” Butt is fading fast, and Fauxcahontas is pathetic and Krazy Kamala Harris isn’t telegenic, they’ve got to hitch their narcissistic wagon somewhere. Why not this feel-good airhead as leader of the greatest economy in the world? Worked great with obama, didn’t it?

  3. Soulless Hollywood is always waiting for a charlatan to tell them it’s okay to rape children and destroy themselves with drugs. And this crank has just the tonic

  4. Is she another desperate attempt at finding someone to catch on with the democrats or is she another example of the contempt they have for what should be the seriousness of our elections?

  5. She should be encouraged. Let her suck as much oxygen (and $ ) out of this democrat circus as possible.


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