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Home-packed lunches are banned as ‘moldy’ Obamalunches are served

EAG: JESUP, Ga. – Eat like Michelle Obama or go hungry — that’s the attitude of a Georgia preschool.

A parent of a child at Wayne County Head Start says her 4-year-old comes home hungry after the food being served is often stomach-turning and inedible.

obamalunch moldy food

“He comes home and he’s constantly hungry,” the boy’s mother, Mattie Genaux, tells WTOC. “Granted, boys are typically always hungry, but he is starving. And his weight, he’s not gaining anything. He is actually not gaining anything at all, and I’m worried.”

Genaux produced photos of moldy french fries, old coleslaw, and other food she claims has been served to children.

Another parent claims her child was hospitalized after “constant vomiting from eating the food” at the school.

A school employee confirms expired food has been served at the school and says is has been going on “for weeks.”

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  1. Better start your kids on some colloidal silver. They can drink sewer water to wash down the moldy lunch and not get sick.

  2. Institutional food is usually nasty to begin with, even before this woman got her hands on it. My son is in 7th grade now and has eaten school lunches a grand total of once–if you count the piece of fruit from it as having eaten that lunch. It was fish and he said it was disgusting–pretty sad when you live in a place where fish is a staple.

    Home food has love and family baked, cooked or made into it and that’s what these control freaks want to remove.

  3. Forgive me if I don’t give a flying fig one way or another on this issue. No one should be one bit surprised at what has become of the government school lunch program instituted by the nanny state. Not only are they filling young skulls full of mush (h/t Rush Limbaugh) with anti-American sentiment, they are filling their stomachs with the same mindset. This is what it has come to whenever and wherever we submit to the government becoming the ‘parent’, knowing better than we what is best for the chillrun.

  4. Hey, I like fish. When I attended elementary school (many years ago) if you took school lunch on a Friday you had no choice but fish. That’s when the Catholic tradition was imposed much like the special interest groups of today.

  5. When I started junior high school, my mother used to give me the 60 cents per day it cost to buy lunch in my school’s cafeteria. She felt–and, as an adult, I agree with her–that the nutritional needs of a growing child are not best met by having her eat a packed lunch after it’s been moldering away in a locker for several hours.

    But I bet she’d have me brown – bag it after she saw the pictures I’ve been seeing on I star am (#the KS Michelle Obama). And, trust me, her Spring -o – Lator would be up some school administrator’s ass over this one.

  6. The cafeteria food was always good when I went to school.
    Fresh baked bread, cinnamon rolls to die for, the veggies all came from a can but were good considering.
    The first time I ate at Paula Deen’s place, it was cafeteria food, nothing exciting. Reminded me of school.
    The only kids who brought their lunch were the Jewish kids whose family was keeping a kosher kitchen. There were 3 temples within a mile of the school, we had a lot of Jews.

  7. Go to your child’s school at lunch time. Bring them something home-cooked and nutritious. Make sure it smells great. Serve it to your child. Watch him eat it all down and if a school adminis-traitor gives you any shit, flip him off and tell him to fuck off because Mooshell’s lunch program is killing your child. Let them know you will do this every day if necessary until that ugly cow Mooshell is out of the White House and her school lunch program is gone as well.

  8. That’s the right mindset IMO but you do that in the wrong school district they’ll pop you for terroristic threats or child abuse or racism or discrimination or something.

    Then you’ll get to enjoy the lunches in the county jail which, around here, look WAY WAY better than any 0bamalunch I’ve seen.

  9. I do some IT work in a local jail and a typical meal is something like baloney sandwich, tater tots, peaches, green beans and a beverage. Nothing exciting for sure, but it seems like generous portions when I’ve seen it and it smells good cooking. Reminds me of the school lunches when I was a kid.

    My wife and I and all our friends who went to grade school and high school with us have VERY fond memories of our school lunches. They were GOOD and the lunch ladies were nice and friendly. We never went hungry and, in general, were not a bunch of fat pigs. Of course, that was a number of decades ago. Most of us were farmers and we had 5 channels and the only in-home entertainment was board games and the occasional Nintendo NES.

  10. One more reason to get the gov’t out of “public” schools.

    Every neighborhood should set up and finance, hire and fire, their own schools. Tell the unions and bureaucrats to Fuck Off.

  11. Tell them you are Orthodox Jewish and are packing a kosher meal for your child
    or that you are Muslim and it is halal

  12. “…says her 4-year-old comes home hungry… ”

    Kids going to school early these days? Pardon me if I’m way outside the loop, but how many grade levels are there now-a-days? If you are at home every day when he gets home, does he ride the bus? Why are you sending a 4-year-old to school?

    No wonder America is so goofed up if kids aren’t allowed to be kids anymore. We are certainly doomed if the commies get to indoctrinate your children from birth.

    I feel it is okay to support the learning portion, but you must deconstruct the BS the kids are being stuffed with everyday.

    There is nothing of more value than your children’s minds and well being.

  13. They won’t turn blue. I’ve seen people that worked in the silver industry that were saturated. They turn grayish blue with a definite metallic hue to the skin. Drinking colloidal silver won’t do that. There was an article years ago in People magazine (garbage rag) about some guy that was smurf blue. Total horse shit. Just for fun, try using it for deodorant. You’ll be amazed.

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