Horrific crime stats emerge from Colorado – IOTW Report

Horrific crime stats emerge from Colorado

American Thinker:

By C.S. Boddie

The Common Sense Institute (CSI), a think-tank local to Colorado, reported at the beginning of October 2022 that the state’s cities have some of the highest crime rates in the nation.

Crime in Colorado in 2022: The Data on Colorado’s Increasing Crime Problem” was authored by George Brauchler, Mitch Morrissey, and Steven Byers, Ph.D.

“It is very difficult to comprehend Colorado, the Colorado I grew up in … hosting four cities in the top ten for all these crime rates,” said Brauchler at a related news conference, according to The Denver Gazette.  Brauchler is the former district attorney for Colorado’s 18th Judicial District.

As a fourth-generation Coloradoan, I am also shocked by the findings and by how far our cities have fallen under Democrat governance.   

The first paragraph of the first section of the report, “Introduction and Key Findings,” gives a reason for the rise in crime.  “Advocates for criminal justice reform have made significant inroads in the past few years.  Measures have been enacted to decriminalize a range of crimes, reduce the punishments for committing crimes, and pursue decarceration through various means.  The results of these actions have had a serious and lasting impact on Colorado communities, resulting in increased crime and a decrease in public safety.” more

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  1. I had to get out of Denver in 2001 it was so bad. Cops would not do shit to curb the Mexicans & blacks. After dark, north of downtown along Larimar to Blake was a fucking no man’s land. I never stepped out of any of my warehouses without a weapon and my 5 German Shepherds.

    There was a Mex bar kitty corner and down 1 street from me that was the scene of many shootings. Even the blacks knew better than to go near that place. Fucking illegals.

    Hickenlooper when he was mayor made the 2 dailies keep on the down low about all of the black on white crime on the 16th St Mall so tourism wouldn’t drop. Fucking douche has fucked up CO royally and continues to.

    I have a couple friends that live way southeast, like Hampden & Tamarac who thought that shit would stay downtown, and they’re seeing break ins, daytime burglaries, graffiti…

  2. Yea! A lot of these blue states and cities are just going from bad to worse, to totally intolerable! You can even tell when the illegal aliens are moving into the neighborhood, because that’s when the blacks start buying massive amounts of car insurance!

    I mean, there’s now a bike in town that keeps running me over and over. It’s really becoming to be a vicious cycle.

    Even the elevators in town are so extremely dangerous and full of criminals that everybody is taking steps to avoid them.

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  4. Making the decision to move away easier and easier. Still haven’t pulled the trigger (literally or figuratively) yet, but probably coming soon.

  5. 90% of this bullshit is greater Denver area and I-25 corridor (Pueblo’s a shithole); in rural areas of CO. you still see a lot of LGB/ FJB and TRUMP” signs.
    That’s where I go.


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