Hot (Coffee) For Teacher

REPORT: Elementary students routinely made coffee for teacher ‘because they were so used to her falling asleep’.

[EAG] DENVER – Denver school officials refuse to say why they removed a teacher from the classroom with a month left in school.

But an email intercepted by Fox 31 revealed Gilpin Montessori Elementary School teacher was on drugs, and three teaching assistants confirmed she repeatedly dozed off in class on her first-, second- and third-grade students.

Campiformio’s last teaching assistant recorded a video of the teacher struggling to stay awake in early April –  before he quit when school officials refused to take action – and shared the footage with the news site.

“Two students got accustomed to making coffee for her because they were so used to her falling asleep,” the teaching assistant, who requested anonymity, told the news site.

“From seeing her one on one, it’s either drug-related or related to being hung over all the time because it’s just not normal tired to slur your words,” the assistant said.  more

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  1. At this point I expect it’s because she’s snorting coke an shooting porn videos all night with her students.

  2. School Daze, School Daze
    Sit in the corner and drool days
    Readin’ and Writin’ and Restin’ a bit
    She’s all tuckered out from taking a hit

  3. You people are mean. She could simply be suffering from necrophilia. No, wait, I mean narcolepsy.

  4. FDR necrophilia is what her students engage in while she is passed out.
    There is a great joke about a gal having to change her drink of choice at a bar, but the feminists here would object.

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