House GOP contender claims opponent, Politico published details of Iraq sex assault to discredit her – IOTW Report

House GOP contender claims opponent, Politico published details of Iraq sex assault to discredit her


An Iraq War veteran running for Congress in Indiana has accused her Democratic opponent and Politico of “illegally” revealing details of her sexual assault to paint her as a “failed military officer.”

Jennifer-Ruth Green, a Republican running against Rep. Frank Mrvan in Indiana’s 1st Congressional District, was profiled by reporter Adam Wren in a Friday article that revealed an Iraqi serviceman grabbed her breast and exposed himself after she left a group of officers to climb a guard tower during a visit to Iraq’s national training center.

“We said, ‘No, please don’t [publish the assault] – and they did it anyway,” Green said of Politico and Wren during an interview with Fox News Digital. “At one point in my life I said to my assailant, ‘No, please stop, don’t’ and he did what he wanted to do. This is the exact same situation all over again, all because there was a man who wanted some sort of gratification.”

The assault happened while Green was assigned to a special investigations unit in Iraq working to neutralize terrorist and espionage threats, Politico wrote. An evaluation of the incident faulted Green for “wandering away” from the group, the report added, and the criticism hindered her ability to rise in the ranks.

In a statement on Twitter, Green claimed Mrvan “fished details” of her assault to the news outlet, “asking them to share misinformation to portray me as a failed military officer who lacks integrity.”  more here

5 Comments on House GOP contender claims opponent, Politico published details of Iraq sex assault to discredit her

  1. In other words, if it happens to a conservative woman or is done by a liberal man it is the woman!s fault.

    Sounds like a typic liberal position to me

  2. TBH, I’m surprised she even reported it. An Iraqi soldier grabbed her breast, OK, those backward Muslim countries are made of men that lack any social graces when it comes to female interaction. She was warned to leave it alone, that it would cause a shitstorm between the 2 countries, but she did it anyway. No, not blaming her for the incident, only for the lack of circumspection in predicting the fallout.

    She would be better served to concentrate on the issues and her direct contrast with democratic policies that have failed us at every turn. Most folks will look at her military record as a huge plus, roll with that.

  3. First off, if this was a sexual assault then there is no way on earth they will get this info from an FOIA request because since she had to get medical attention, it falls under HIPPA and you can’t get those records with a simple FOIA. It must be obtained through a subpeona. And there is zero chance of them getting that.

  4. However, a Black conservative is fair game. But pick the biggest loon liar to spend days smearing (over an ancient drunken high school party) a Republican-nominated Supreme Court Justice. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds

  5. The most unfortunate part of this whole story, is that she didn’t pull out her M9 and blow a few holes in the Muslim piece of shit.


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