How a Record-Breaking Economy Is Helping Those Who Need It Most

Daily Signal:

The U.S. economy is in the midst of the longest economic expansion in our history—more than 10 years of consecutive growth.

The climb out of the Great Recession has been prolonged and strengthened by pro-growth policies, such as tax cuts and deregulation.

Rolling back those reforms or burdening workers with new restrictions would present the biggest threats to continued prosperity for American workers.

The strong U.S. economy continues to offer new opportunities to people who have historically been left behind.

Average wages have grown above 3% for 10 straight months—twice as fast as inflation. And since the tax cuts of 2017, wage growth for the poorest 25% of workers has reached post-recession highs of 4.4%.

In the most recent data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the highest-income workers’ wages are growing at a more modest rate, more than a percentage point lower than those of low-wage workers.

June’s unemployment rate remains close to its 50-year low at 3.7%, and the 224,000 jobs created last month is more than double the number needed to keep pace with population growth and demographic change. more here

6 Comments on How a Record-Breaking Economy Is Helping Those Who Need It Most

  1. I’ve long said that when the economy does well, everybody does well.
    When the rich do well, everybody does well.
    That and I never worked for a poor man!
    So to Hell with these Socialist Justice Warriors and their everybody must get an equal wage bullshit. That just drags everybody down to the lowest level of Suck!
    The solution is: Earn it!

  2. A rising tide…
    The Dems only chance of winning is for the economy to be bad. So they pray it gets worse (about the only praying some of them do) and try to convince us that the lowest unemployment, the greatest increase in wages, etc. are false.
    I don’t envy them – but then I don’t want to be them either.

  3. Well, this will never do. If the poor have jobs and lead fulfilling lives, they may figure out that we progressives are the ones standing in the way and mucking up the works. How are we going to keep the blacks on the plantation if they become self sufficient? How are we going to keep convincing hispanics that they are being oppressed in America? Heck, if people find out that when everyone is a victim no one is a victim, we lose our race and sexism cards.

    That bastard billionaire in the White House has gone too far and is trying to empower ordinary citizens. We are the elite, and to prove we are the elite we will keep saying so until people believe it. We will tell you when things are good, and when streets are full of poop and traffic is stalled due to tent cities everywhere then things are going great. Once people start eating zoo animals, toilet paper disappears from stores, and there are insane lines to pay inflated prices for inferior everyday goods, then we will tell you things are approaching normalcy and you should keep electing us to office. Remember, we are the elite and should be in charge because….we are the elite and we won’t stop until the Venezuela looks like a capitalist paradise.

  4. The economy sucked wow O’Bozo was in office, they can lie about that all they want.
    We are in a 10 year cycle of growth is bullsheet! The economy was dead while Barry was in office! He never exceeded 2% growth!


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