How Al Sharpton Abandoned Africa’s Slaves

American Thinker:

The eminent African-American economist Glenn Loury recently wondered in the New York Times why leading Democrats would defend Al Sharpton, a man who is a blatant anti-Semite, an anti-white racist, and to many, a simple con man.  Joe Biden calls him “a champion in the fight for civil rights.” Elizabeth Warren says“he has dedicated his life to the fight for justice for all,” and Kamala Harris lauds him as a man who “has spent his life fighting for what’s right.” Records show that President Obama had Sharpton visit his White House 118 times.

This, after Sharpton’s many outrages: the Tawana Brawley rape hoax of 1987, the anti-Jewish Crown Heights riots of 1991, and the firebombing of a Jewish-owned Harlem fashion boutique in 1995.

Loury suggests that any one of these things should have disqualified Sharpton from national platforms, along with any praise by Democratic Party leaders. But there’s something else, something no less repugnant, and perhaps even more shocking, that should obliterate once and for all the perception of Al Sharpton as a tough guy who never buckles when it comes to defending his race.

Al Sharpton is betraying black people currently enslaved in Africa. He went there. He spoke to them. He promised the slaves he met that he would awaken American blacks to their plight, but then he abandoned them. He abandoned them, I believe, because they are enslaved by Arab Muslims.   A review of just how this came about should be instructive. read more

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  1. Al sharpton, like obama, like cummimgs etc, are Uncle Tomsnon the democrat plantation: they are glorified butlers serving their swamp masters in enslaving black Americans to ghettos, ignorance and pverty – all while living large themselves.

  2. I want to throw this out there since I haven’t heard anyone mention this yet.

    And that is that Jay Z is the new Al Sharpton.

    He wanted to be an NFL team owner but couldn’t for multiple reasons. Now he’s positioned to be a majority owner of one.

    He’s taking heat from the militants but he’s getting a seat at the table in exchange for it because the NFL wrongly thinks that this appeases someone and is good optics.

    Once he’s in the room with that weak bunch of soft old white billionaires, he’s going to break it off in them.
    Here’s a guy who started his career as a drug dealer and has faced numerous lawsuits for fraud which sometimes deployed accusations of racism to win cases. And who could remember his Obama election anthem “My President Is Black”.

    But Rush Limbaugh wasn’t allowed to be part owner of the Rams because he was too controversial.

    If anyone thought the NFL had already swirled the bowl, this is like letting Sharpton become a team owner.

  3. …but…but…Wakandia, and…Africa is PERFECT because, no White Racim, and…Islam good, Christian BAD, and…you’re a rayciss, Trump’s a rayciss, he a rayciss, she a rayciss, all this must be a White Supremacist lie…/s

  4. What, you mean slavery DIDN’T begin and end with antebellum Southern Black slavery? Who knew, said no one who knows ANYTHING the Democrats refuse to teach about world history, past AND PRESENT…

  5. re: Wakanda

    That idea wasn’t just made up for a kid’s comic book. It is more or less what a lot of black folks believe, or used to believe, ancient Africa was like before the evil white man and Jew interlopers ruined it…superior black people with super science and angel wings flying around the pyramids and such. Maybe such ideas are confined to the extreme fringe Farrakhan type wackos but after the billion dollar response to the [white] manufactured hype of Black Panther, I’m not so sure.

  6. Maaaybee… if you want to be African-American you need to live in Africa for a year first.
    Then you might come back with a better appreciation of what we have here.
    Otherwise yer just Black!


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