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How Children Become Progressives


How are progressives made? By cooking them in a public school six hours a day, five days a week where they are seemingly indoctrinated with an ideology that contradicts the values and beliefs of many of their parents.

It began as a trickle, but now is approaching a flood as activist groups – notably LGBTQ organizations – have infiltrated public schools and demanded their views on sexuality and gender be taught.

Here are a few of many examples. In Montgomery County, Maryland (where I received a good education without the culture war stuff), Cedar Grove Elementary School posted this message on its PTA Facebook page: “[we] will be celebrating love, respect, and tolerance: by use of video with students holding Pride flags while pledging, ‘Love, Respect, Freedom, Tolerance, Equality, and Pride.’” What happened to pledging to the American flag?

Also in Montgomery County, a once conservative suburb of Washington, D.C., The Washington Times reports a group of parents are waiting for a federal judge to rule on their lawsuit directed at overturning a school district policy that “requires teachers to hide how gender-transitioning students identify at school by reverting to ‘birth’ names and pronouns with ‘unsupportive caregivers.” more

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  1. They’re made via psychological abuse, period. The faggots and the kiddie rapers are putting themselves at the very forefront of the contemporary US totalitarian movement. And those degenerate up-talking assholes will pay for it one day too.


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