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How did this nutcase get a security clearance?

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  1. Payback for doin’ the nasty doggy style with the pup play brass in the military would be my guess.
    Remember the old saying. It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow.

  2. There are Active Duty Military Commisioned Officers right now, in our military, that support and promote this.

    If you are active duty military, you are not allowed to say this without the fear of retaliation from same said Commissioned Officers and the Advocating Judges that Advocate the Commissioned Parties Lines.

    Thank Goodness American Citizens are Free to speak their views.

  3. It’s everything gay nowadays. Even the people who come off as conservative are embracing faggotry. I’m not at all surprised that he got top government clearance. Evidently they’ve dropped their standards dramatically. Presidents past and present fully support the gay community…over and above straight Christian folks.

  4. He got security clearance but not the Presidency because they already planted a potatoheaded shrub where the empty chair was for 8 horrible years.

    (I’m re-living those years I hated oBola with red hot anger! I’ve often fantasized that I could pop their heads off their torsos like a pustulent zit.)

  5. Somebody like this dude, who rejects normal society, should NEVER be in a position of authority where they could sabotage the society and there could be serious consequences.


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