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How Do You Get on the Coveted US-Russia Prisoner Swap List?

Liberty Nation News:

The prisoner swap seems to be the only useful rapport connecting the United States and Russia. Last year, the Biden administration put on a full-court press to swap a prominent US professional woman basketball player held in a Moscow prison on drug charges for Russian Viktor Bout, an international criminal known as the “Merchant of Death.” Since then, the Kremlin has embraced arresting US citizens on phony charges, then trading them for high-value Russian criminals. The latest US citizen to run afoul of Moscow’s inclination to apprehend Americans is Wall Street Journal correspondent Evan Gershkovich. more

6 Comments on How Do You Get on the Coveted US-Russia Prisoner Swap List?

  1. If quasi-journalism was a crime, the Majority of main stream media would be shut down.

    Luckily for the Media Industry, misinformation and political propaganda meets the low level of quality that the industry needs to maintain the standards of the DNC and Whitehouse.

    The Marxist puppeteers behind the scene have so many strings to pull, it must be tiring to destroy a faith based country.

  2. Funny how the Russians held here are all “unsavory characters” and “merchants of death”. while Americans held by Russia are noble journos and misunderstood ballers. Why trade arch-villains away if they’re so evil? Although it’s odd that a Russian-speaking journo was poking around in a Russian city which is central to their defense industry. Maybe the black hat/white hat picture painted by Western media is not an accurate representation?

    And don’t hold your breath waiting for prisoner Paul Whelan, a “Canadian-born former United States Marine with U.S., British, Irish, and Canadian citizenship.” He sounds like the real CIA deal.


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