How one family became “forgotten citizens” thanks to the Covid frenzy, left at sea, floating aimlessly – IOTW Report

How one family became “forgotten citizens” thanks to the Covid frenzy, left at sea, floating aimlessly


The COVID-19 “pandemic” wreaked havoc on many of us. Some saw their livelihoods evaporate, others mourned loved ones who faced their final moments in isolation, and countless individuals spent months yearning for the solace of their churches. Walmart could be open, but churches? No. None of it made any sense. And to what end? We gave up everything for a virus that had a 95+ percent survival rate, predominantly affecting those around the age of 85.

The moves made by our so-called experts were nothing short of draconian. Yet, perhaps some of the most egregious offenses occurred down under, where facilities were erected to quarantine Covid patients, effectively treating them like lepers. There were individuals who, refusing the vaccine and the prospect of life in these godawful “camps,” chose flight over surrender, some even by sea, all to cling to a semblance of freedom for themselves and their loved ones. The tale we’re about to share is of one such person, whose journey is as harrowing as it is inspiring. This is the incredible true-life story posted by an X user who goes by the name Intrepid: more

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  1. And the dirty motherfuckers have the temerity to think that they are owed forgiveness. Not a fucking chance. Not for any one of them who so much as uttered a single word of support in favor of mandating or coercing their injections on others. Nor for a single individual who uttered so much as a single word in favor of any of their bullshit unless and until they have turned over every last dime of everything they own to the people who have suffered injury. Not a chance in hell.

  2. The article ends by saying covid caused this craziness.
    I disagree. Covid was the opportunity the tyrant, wannabe dictators took to try out what they’ve always wanted. Control. Complete control.
    It was the demonic desire for absolute power that caused the craziness. They used fear to grab it.
    This account is a good illustration of why people over the world need to stop sitting on their hands and go speak up.

  3. How many of us dealt with relatives and “friends” and coworkers who verbally assaulted us over our decision to refuse vaccination? I’ll never forget them. As I’ve told one relative, if there ever is a civil war, those individuals will be helped off the planet. In the mean time, they have no clue how much I hate there living guts.

  4. There is no freedom, this just about how far a superior race (elected officials) can push the common peasants (working class) into submission. This lockdown and denial of public service, denying vital medicine, food, Gestapo Authority and imprisonment of the opposite political party. Let’s see, Hitler took away radio’s and the US has controlled propaganda outlets. Hitler took away the guns and ammunition, government corruption says you can’t have a gun because a mental case shot up a bunch of people. That would not happen if we still had mental institutions, which the government took away. To top it off, the government has been force-feeding us toxic vaccines, toxic water and removing well known natural and common OTC medicines. It is well known that the IQ of each generation is dropping and that keeps them voting Democrat. I could go on for hours but lets just sum this up saying you have as much freedom as the government allows and if you are an illegal, you have more freedom, free food, healthcare, cell phones all at the expense the Government taking away your rights and hard earned money thru taxes and fines.

  5. Time for that free-floating family to renounce their Auzzie citizenship, vocally, loudly, and publicly. VERY publicly. Have a camera crew recording/b’casting as they turn in their passports and renounce their citizenship. Embarrass the hell out of the Auzzie Gooberment.
    Find another country closer to their ideals, and claim refugee status, work at becoming a citizen.

  6. @ Beachmom WEDNESDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2023, 7:06 AT 7:06 AM

    I recognized in Nov 2019-January 2020 that the fuckers were preparing the environment for a major spring offensive and posted as much right here as one newspaper after another posted the same bullshit, that was patently obvious was pretext, for shutting down the public comments features.

    NO LATER THAN March 2020 I had recognized that Corona Virus/Covid 19 was nothing but Global Warming/Climate Change on a speeded up time line and posted my observations right here at the time.

    It was, and is to anyone who is the least bit observant and able to recognize patterns, what was and is going on regarding Covid. It was a bold faced power grab and an expansion of government intrusion into aspects of everyone’s lives that the government not only has no business involved in, the Constitution proscribes such.

    Never forget this, w/o Republican establishment collusion this never would have been possible to pull off. I guarandamntee it.

  7. ‘You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. ‘
    – Morpheus


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