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How The Church of “Nice” Replaced The Church of Christ

Too Many Gullible Christians Want To Invite The Terrorists Home.

Emerald Robinson’s The Right Way:

The problem with so many Christian leaders today is not that they’re Christians: it’s that they’re morons. Or imbeciles, if you prefer. Homo stupidicus. In an article for Christianity Today, Dr. Russell Moore penned the Mother of All Idiotic Ideas entitled “Let the Afghan Refugees Come Unto Me.” (Read it here.) Encouraging the mass airlifting of illiterate Muslim tribesmen from the Pashtun region into America is not the very height of folly and self-destruction, you understand, it’s exactly what the Good Book tells us to do!

As evangelical Christians, we should resolve, even before our new neighbors arrive, to ignore those who would ask us to fear these refugees.

Historically, those wishing to ostracize refugees take a number of different tactics. They sometimes speak of them in language of “uncleanness”—using metaphors such as rodents or insects—or they might suggest that the asylum seekers are themselves vectors of disease. They sometimes, though less often, speak as bluntly as some are now of refugees as an “invasion” of those who are coming to “replace us” (with “us” almost always referring to white and nominally Christian Americans). But perhaps most often, they speak of refugees as a threat.

Just as we saw with Syrian refugees and Kurdish refugees in years past, we will soon hear the insistent cries of those arguing that Afghan refugees are terrorists, or at least that they might be, since they are “unvetted” and we know nothing about them. These claims aren’t true.

Indeed, why in the world would any good Christian fear the mass importation of Afghans into their country? It’s not like they practice an old cultural tradition which involves adult men forcibly raping young boys dressed up as girls, right? It’s not like the wave of Afghan refugees who got into Europe a few years ago created a crime wave of gang rapes of European women conducted in broad daylight, right? It’s not like six EU countries are currently seeking a total ban on Afghans migrating, right? That’s not just silly, that’s impossible — right?
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  1. Dr. Moore (is that like Dr. Jill?)
    Chapter and verse please.
    You can’t show your ridiculous rant has any root in God’s Word and that is our standard not your soyish feelings.

  2. Christianity Today is as worthless to Christians as National Review is to conservatives. I am not a gullible Christian and never will be. We call these yahoos Christian jerks, a bunch of self righteous do gooder type prigs who think that they can save the world thru their good deeds and muck everything up in the process of doing good without God’s help and assistance. Sorry, I am not buying their good but misguided intentions as the Afghans will be the first ones that they will turn on if they don’t live up to their expectations of becoming good American citizens. The only thing that they have in common is both of these groups forbid dancing and sinful secular music.

  3. I am C of C, born and raised. I can tell you right now, muzzies belong in hell, and I’d consider it an honor to send a few there. I’ll end with a verse. ‘Who is antichrist? Anyone who denies Jesus is the Son of God is antichrist. Even now, there are many antichrists among you.”

  4. “(with “us” almost always referring to white and nominally Christian Americans).”

    Any preacher that bows at the alter of identity politics is a charlatan and a deceiver, he is not to be taken seriously.

    This reminds me of dopes like George Clooney, JK Rowling, and Justin Trudeau, lecturing us on our lack of hospitality re: Muslim immigrants, you first.

  5. Amazingly, these idiots think they’re going to change the mindset and upbringing of a bunch of 13th century barbarians by being nice to them. If any of them had half a clue, they would realize that lying to infidels is part of their cult of a religion.

  6. I’ve had a problem with the churches worshiping “nice” instead of Christ for a few years now. Seems to be the fall back position of every church I have visited anywhere around where I live. C.S. Lewis addresses this in the third book of his trilogy, That Hideous Strength. Apparently it’s nothing new. And Christianity Today went off the rails in the ‘80s.

  7. It’s another piece in the puzzle that God has slipped onto the board. Time to reveal which individual congregations are truly Christian and which aren’t. This has been a goal of the prayers of many of us in our push to reform the church in America.

  8. Christians used to support missionary work, exporting the Gospel along with charity, good works, and true social change.

    Now we want to meet our Christian obligation from our couches by importing ‘refugees’ and settling them anywhere but in our own neighborhoods.

    There is nothing kind or noble about yanking people out of their homeland (south of the nonexistent border or the middle east) and depositing them in a foreign culture without helping and expecting them to assimilate.

    Christianity is hard. And not fair. Just ask Jesus.

  9. Once again, I have to say… Faggots ruin everything. They ruined Hollywood. They ruined the Boy Scouts. They ruined schools. They ruined the military. They ruined Judaism. And they ruined Western Christianity too. If you want the real deal, then I recommend a Greek Orthodox. Or just bite the bullet and convert to Islam.

  10. Beware of anyone that’s nicer than God.
    Parents that never discipline their kids and they turn out as hellions, having a pet but never training it and it just goes to the bathroom in the house. Voting for politicians that want to kill us.

  11. A lot of churches today are less about worshiping God and more about making members feel good about themselves. Evangelists have been replaced with Dr. Phils and Oprahs. We are to feel uplifted from worship… but it’s not all about us. Sermons have been culled or diluted so as not to offend anyone. The money changers that Christ once chased away have taken over. This is evident by “pay to pray”…. I’ve never seen a price list in the Bible for the cost of having someone pray for me. I know I got a little off track….but I had an extra 2 cents in my pocket.

  12. Unfortunately it’s hard to find a Church today that doesn’t dote on nice and love and no fire and brimstone.

  13. At a time when the church is absolutely hemorrhaging parishioners they actually had a board meeting and said, “I know what’ll bring the flock back. Thousands of 6th century psychopaths hellbent on killing us!”

  14. One of God’s oft-used methods to send judgement on the nations of Judah and Israel was foreign invasions. Another was giving them evil leaders. Yet another was plagues. Just sayin’…

  15. I experienced my church in Minnesota change from a Bible-based, Spirit-led, teaching church to a feel-good organization. It started when the church leadership chose a young man who promised to fill the pews and create a Worship service as a production that will bring in the ‘unchurched’.

    Well, that he did. After a year, he told the membership that he didn’t love us. He had a passion for reaching the unchurched and that we were on our own as to disciplining each other. Several families left. I had obligations to fulfill and thought that we would survive and started praying that God would return to bless us. Then, Minnesota put same-sex marriage on the ballot. My good friend asked the pastor to speak God’s word on the subject and he told her that he wasn’t going to do that because he didn’t want to offend anyone. More families left. I considered it, and started to step back on my obligations.

    Then, my mentor started pushing a ‘ministry’ that included regression therapy. I researched it and talked to him about it, telling him it was heresy. He didn’t agree. I wrote an essay and gave it to him, the pastor and elders. I fought it but failed.

    What made me leave was during one worship service. I was running the video for the song lyrics and the worship leader came back to the sound booth to demand that we turn up the volume. There were several older members who had asked many times that the volume not blast their eardrums, which the sound supervisor agreed. When Mr. “I’m more important than these old farts and what I want, I get” worship leader had a hissy fit, Mr. Supervisor told him, “NO”. After that service was over, I told Mr. Supervisor that was my last day at that church. He told me that he was glad for me. He was thinking of doing the same thing.

    After I moved back to Michigan, I found out that the church leadership fired Mr. Young “I don’t love you” and Mr. worship leader.

    I thank God every day for finding a wonderful church now. The sermons step on our toes and brings us to face what God wants of us. Sola scriptura (“by scripture alone”) is a theological doctrine we subscribe to. It says that the Christian scriptures as the sole infallible source of authority for Christian faith and practice. No more passivist feel-good, “love is all you need” church. If that ever changes, I will fight that, too. If I fail, I will leave.

  16. “But perhaps most often, they speak of refugees as a threat.”

    In the face of the experiences of Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and other nations, every one of us should take that refugee threat seriously – it is not imaginary xenophobia but evidentiary.

    izlamo delenda est …


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