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Huge Cheers For Trump at Harlem Bodega

President Trump made a stop Tuesday evening at the Harlem bodega where an employee acted in self-defense, resulting in death of thug two years ago.


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  1. Dudes gotta hold a rally in Harlem. I think maybe this was a little test run. Can you imagine how fired up that rally will be? This is being called one of the smartest political moves ever even by his detractors.

  2. For the past several months I’ve been enjoying all the podcasts and YT commentary from previously “life-long” Democrat blacks who have awakened to the reality of their abuse at the hands of “The Good Guys.” Ooooo. Hell hath no fury as a black American voter scorned and having someone to compare their party’s presidents to.

    I wish Barbara from Harlem was still with us; she would have been proud to see what her efforts bore.

    This is an excerpt from her book “Escaping the Racism of Low Expectations” (Simon and Schuster, 2018):

    “I was a liberal by default. I asked no questions. I had no answers..But my eyes were opened to reject victimhood and lack of accountability My journey has proven to me that when you have clarity of conscience, love of God and a deep-seated belief in America’s goodness, your life will be enriched and your focus will change to one of accountability.”

  3. Hope DJT’s visit stoked a fire under the Harlem denizens. And I totally agree with Brad. Trump needs a rally there to fan the flames of revolts against the Demon-rats even hotter!

  4. Can only imagine what DJT did for business at the Bodega today . A few years ago I visited a 711 store and used their ATM . When I got home & was counting my change there was a well worn $20 bill and on the green back was a red rubber stamp reading “DONALD TRUMP LIVES HERE” with an arrow indicating the 2nd floor of the White House. Still have the bill and have never come across anyone else who’s had one.

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