Huma Abedin ‘Would Die For Hillary,’ Major Clinton Donor Says

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“She loves Hillary,” Lasry explained. “She would die for Hillary. Really, what she’s always looking at is, ‘What’s in the best interest of Hillary?’”

“Her life is Hillary,” added the donor, who is close enough to Abedin to have attended her wedding to former congressman Anthony Weiner.


25 Comments on Huma Abedin ‘Would Die For Hillary,’ Major Clinton Donor Says

  1. She sounds pretty pathetic when your husband is a juvenile, attention-getting male whore and you would “die for” a totally corrupt, unrepentant, serial liar.

    When the lying goes back decades to being fired from the Nixon investigation, then there is no hope for Hillary (or Huma).

  2. Exactly.
    “Her life is Hillary,” There’s your reason Little Anthony had to put enlarged photos of his weewee on the ‘nets.

    These vermin that devote their life to POLITICS, not public service as they like to deceitfully claim, these vermin are TOTALLY different than the rest of us.

  3. Of course she would “die” for Hillary, as long as Hillary can advance Jihad.

    The sexually depraved Clintons are every covert operatives dream, if you can’t compromise one, you can the other. . .

    Her results have been amazing to date. When the Christian Serbs tried to stem the flow of islime Clinton bombed the them. When Clinton found out where Bin Laden was, he ignored him.
    When she saw a chance to overthrow a secular dictator in Libya and install jihadists it was done through her puppet Hillary.
    Ditto for supporting muslime bohood in Egypt, jihadi rebles in Syria and preventing meaningful intervention against ISIS.

    If Huma would marry a Jew to protect her cover, there is no limit to what she would do. This is what you get when an operative is raised from early childhood to accomplish a mission.

  4. That’s hilarious. No way would Huma die for Cankles. Huma’s one and only allegiance is to the Mo Bro Hood. She and her family have been appendages of the Clintons SINCE THE EARLY ’80s. Killary is only a means to an end for Huma and her bloodthirsty gang.

  5. Trash Can Man in “The Stand” – only female.

    I have never understood sycophancy or the “cult of personality.”

    Makes you wonder what mental illness they have.

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