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Hundreds Get Faulty Vaccine in NYC

Almost 900 people received expired COVID-19 vaccines at an event in New York City earlier this month. Health officials say the expired vaccines don’t pose a health risk, and the people who got them should get another shot as soon as possible.

15 Comments on Hundreds Get Faulty Vaccine in NYC

  1. Yeah
    I’m going to trust them jabbing me to give an experimental RNA altering drug that may or may not have expired.

  2. A nuther black eye for that I-talian guy!
    File this under “More news that CNN seems to lose”

  3. I think Fauci expired but no one’s pulled him from the public yet.

  4. If true, those 900 people dodged a bullet. Run like the wind from the Re-Jab!

  5. “…the expired vaccines don’t pose a health risk…”

    Any more than the health risks from the fresh jabs.


  6. How does the jab juice reach expiration date? I was told that they couldn’t make it fast enough to keep up with demand, and the Europeans were pissed at us because President Porchlight wants to jab all of Africa before Europe.

    Is the unused jab juice piling up in the fridge? Hey Globalists, what happened to that Just In Time logistics you use for everything else to save yourselves a buck on storage?

  7. The hell you say… 900 free Vax Cards! Daaamn!

  8. And yet last week the extended the expiration date on J&J jabs. All BS.

  9. Were these given out at senior living sites that didn’t have enough deaths?

  10. Another Cuomo cover up in the works. Great defective leadership from the democraps again.

  11. Liberals want to be heroes. Heroes save lives.

    But in order for lives to be saved, they must first be endangered.

  12. Expired vaccines don’t pose a health risk is because they are already a health risk, expired or not.


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