Hundreds of Navy SEALS told they won’t be deployed if they refuse COVID vaccine

Just The News: Several hundred elite Navy SEALs are in danger of being blocked from deploying with their special operator teams by the Pentagon after failing to get a mandatory COVID vaccine, according to a lawyer and pastor counseling them.

The number involved in the dispute with the Pentagon amounts to as many as a quarter or more of all active duty SEALs, a loss that could impact military readiness since SEAL teams play an outsized role in modern military operations, their advocates told Just the News. Some SEALS were given a deadline this week for the vaccine and have sought a religious exemption.

“My clients include several Navy SEALs who are a small part of a large group of SEALs and other military members who are being asked to choose between their faith and their ability to serve our nation,” said R. Davis Younts, a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force reserves and a JAG lawyer who is representing several of the special operators as a private lawyer. “They have been told that if they seek a religious accommodation, they likely will no longer be able to serve our country as Navy SEALs and been given an arbitrary deadline to comply with the vaccine mandate.

“My clients need time, and we are seeking at least a 90-day extension to vaccine mandate compliance deadline they have been given.”  more

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  1. GREAT! Send in the pregnant non-binary birthing person’s ranger division complete with 22LR, pepper spray, & Abrams with tampon dispensers.

  2. Disenfarnchise most of the military and see what side they choose…throw in the police…..I like our odds….

  3. Who the hell would want to deploy under the orders of this administration. They’ll leave you stranded in some other country somewhere as cannon fodder.

  4. Neighbor has a son in the Navy. His six month sub deployment got pushed up a month. It left some time last week. My neighbor was pretty sure almost nobody was vaxed on the crew.

  5. “Whew! No deployment! A vacation!”
    I tease, but I have the utmost respect for all the SpecOps men.

  6. This is part of the Grand Plan peeps.

    They have ruined everything else and the armed services is next and well on going, look at CRT being taught at West Point and the Naval Academy and Colorado Springs.

    It’s disgusting what has gone on and what continues to go on.

  7. I’m reading on several dotmil sights tonight that the percentage of Seals that are anti jab are closer to 90 percent. I’ve also read that MARSOC and Rangers share about the same percentages. I’m thinking the truth will eventually need to surface.

  8. The US Navy needs these SEAL’s a LOT more than the SEAL’s need the US Navy.
    Every single one of them would have no trouble finding something else to do if they chose to.


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