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Hyena Harris

Patriot Retort:

From now on, I think I’m just going to call Kamala Harris “Hyena Harris.”

Now, to be clear, it won’t be pronounced like hyena. No. You pronounce it: HIGH-unuh.

So get it right, haters!

It’s that laugh of hers — that cackling, inappropriate, braying laugh Hyena Harris blurts out every time she gets caught having to answer a question on anything other than her choice of footwear. more

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  1. “She’s going to be President. Soon.”

    Yep. You may be banging your head on tge desk, but ValJar is drumming her fingers. I just hole it’s not a false flag assassination.

  2. OK, I need some help…..How much money can you make by having a glorious Kamala mimic….I know a gal. Ex wife of a friend….she is almost a body double, but sure as hell has the cackle….Then I have to find her…ya know ,rough divorce with kids and such, both remarried, hate each other’s guts, kids in their 30’s….That’s why I have dogs….

    You all know the gal who does drunk Pelosi….This gal could do Kamala better….encourge me…

  3. Alternatively, we could call her Alouatta.

    Science Direct:

    The howler monkeys (Alouatta) are the most folivorous platyrrhines and have the smallest brains (relative to body mass) of any anthropoid primate…

    Folivorous: leaf eater
    Platyrrhine: monkey distinguished by flattened nose

  4. “Kamalalala – ding-dong: FLUBNUT!”

    Sung to the old “Avon” jingle.

    C’mon people – pronounce it RIGHT! 😉

  5. “…every time she gets caught having to answer a question on anything other than her choice of footwear.”

    Good thing that a democrat(fake) President isn’t called to answer real questions.

  6. Still doing her best work on her back I see, better start learning to salute the troops, or her tenure as Prez will be rather short.

  7. I just refer to her as The Whore because that’s what she is but Hyena Harris works for me too.

    Uncle Al, you insult Howler Monkeys everywhere. She’s more like a Macaque.

    “The long-tailed macaque (M. fascicularis) is listed as a threat and invasive alien species in Mauritius, along with the rhesus macaques (M. mulatta) in Florida.”

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