“I didn’t mean, like, THOSE Concentration Camps!”

Patriot Retort: It’s a day that ends in “Y,” which means AOC said something else unbelievable stupid.  This time, accusing the US Government and specifically the Trump administration of running concentration camps on our southern border.

In another Instagram video, the Congresswoman from the State of Twitter declared unity with those “who are concerned enough with humanity to say ‘never again’ means something.”

Naturally when faced with the inevitable blowback from those who are getting sick and damn tired of the endless comparisons to the Nazis, AOC kept digging.

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26 Comments on “I didn’t mean, like, THOSE Concentration Camps!”

  1. Concentration camps were used to work people to death or have them put to death soon after they got there. They took Jews, gays, the handicapped, political prisoners, the physically imperfect, the mentally ill, to those camps.

    Ocasio-Cortez, and those socialist morons who excuse her, can eat a giant infected dick.

  2. the problem is … her generation actually believes whatever they make up is the factual truth … how could it not be, w/ the ‘most educated’ generation in, like ever!

    … & how dare you point out their fallacies!

    (tomorrow she’ll say ‘concentration camps’ is “like where kids go to play ‘concentration’ “)

  3. I believe “Concentration Camps” dates from the Boer War when the British penned up the troublesome Boer population in concentration camps – meaning a location to concentrate a population.

    The words took on a much more sinister meaning during and after WWII, when the word came to mean more of a place to store people before killing them. And some of them were also considered death camps.

    AOC is off her rocker to use the word to describe what we have along the southern border. It’s a hate campaign by her and other stupid liberals to characterize conservatives as brutal Nazis. It’ll backfire on them and that’s why she’s nuts to use the term.

  4. I hope she continues with this behavior. Each time she speaks, she pushes Trump closer to victory in 2020.

  5. Every since I understood the meaning of liberalism…..I have been concentrating on how to avoid, misdirect, underscore, impede or otherwise disrupt their offensive attack on America…..Is that a form of concentration camp??

  6. Uuuh what MJA said…could not have said it better.

    Now they are trying to figure out a ‘death camp’ vs a ‘concentration camp’ vs a ‘POW camp’, and ‘internment camp’.

    Paging FDR.

    For a Gulag? Page Joe Stalin.

    Stupid but Dangerous they are.

  7. So if “concentration camp” and “never again” aren’t Nazi references, I guess it’s also OK to start displaying swastikas again. Because anybody with the intelligence of a sea sponge knows the swastika is an ancient symbol of divinity or luck long predating the German Nazis.

  8. I think her second utterance is resulting from some leftist acquaintance of her telling her, “uh Alexandra. The Nazis were National SOCIALISTS. Ixnay on the AziNay!”

    If she ever had an Original Idea and a cold drink of water at the same time, it would kill her dead.

  9. No, Concentration Camps are the ones to which we Conservatives will be sent.
    Should the Left ever gain power.

  10. I have noticed in life there are certain people that just reach a threshold of intelligence. They can never get past that threshold. It’s really quite an amazing thing like Adam Schiff and AOC. I’m not sure why. Maybe because they don’t read or they’re just not capable because of low IQ? No self-awareness? Whatever it is I have discovered far too many of these people in my life.
    AOC & Schiff will be exactly the same people 30 years from now, guaranteed.

  11. Did this idiot AOC ever read “The Gulag Archipelago” ? I doubt it. I doubt she ever read a book. I wonder who her professors were at Boston University? Why aren’t they coming forward? Like all the professors did for Obama at Columbia. Remember them? Me neither.
    We’re being jerked off again by the media. Be aware.

  12. “Concentration camps”? On the United States’ southern border?

    So six million. It’s a start. It’s a lame start. But it’s a start.

  13. “Did this idiot AOC ever read “The Gulag Archipelago” ?”

    Read it? She wouldn’t even be able to pronounce it, or the author’s name (well, maybe the first four letters of his first name)…

  14. It would be a waste of time explaining to the dunce, AOC that the Nazis placed their own citizens in concetration camps, not illegal invaders coming across their borders – those they shot, immediately. Forget about informing her how the Nazis killed millions in Russia, and other Slavic nations.

    AOC keeps throwing crap against the wall to see who notices, but she’s too dumb to get out of the way when it backfires – that’s a good thing.

  15. If alexandria the Lesser and her criminal cohorts had their way, the entire fucking country would be a concentration camp, all for the benefit of the above.

  16. Attention, AOC

    The difference between a death camp and a concentration camp was that the inmates at the death camp suffered less before they died because they scarcely knew what was hitting them before they went unconscious

    Also, all those horrible scenes everyone was exposed to in high school, which you are trying to allude to were filmed in concentration camps, mostly Belsen. No American soldiers came within 400 miles of an actual death camp.

    Which means that your idol, Barrack Obonehead’s uncle did not liberate Auschwitz, like BO said he did. All that means is that BO is just as historically retarded as you are

  17. She is such a stupid bint. She also said that anyone opposed to open borders was a “nazi”… Gee… Seems to me that one of the primary traits of the actual Nazis was a complete lack of respect for other countries’ borders. Just ask Poland, Austria, France, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, …


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